Aktualności BHP 2018/03-04 (119)

  •  News
    • From April new interest rates for accident insurance (1-3)
      From April 1, 2018, certain categories of risk and interest rates for accident insurance for many groups of activities are to change. This change will be positive for a large group of payers, in whose pocket, thanks to lowering the interest rate of the accident insurance premium, there will be more money. Unfortunately, the premium will increase for four groups of activities.
    • Polish entrepreneurs are not ready to implement the ISO 45001 standard - Health and Safety Management System (4)
      The effectiveness of health and safety management systems implemented in Polish companies in the light of the new ISO 45001 standard, on the eve of its entry into force, looks poor. The material provides details of the PIP and ROP audit results in terms of preparation for implementation and transition to new requirements.
    • New rules for keeping employee documentation in the field of occupational safety and health from 1 January 2019 (5)
      The Ministry of Labor is working on a change in the handling of personal files. These files will consist of four (and not three) parts. Documents relevant from the point of view of health and safety will be included in part A and B. A separate part of personal files will be created, devoted exclusively to the time records of work. See, therefore, what documents related to OSH will have their place in the employee's personal files.
  • Working conditions
    • How to protect employees working outside (6-7) from smog
      We hear about the poor quality of air over our country, pollution, dust and smog all around. The institutions monitoring the state of air quality issue warnings and recommend not to leave rooms. However, you have to work. What about the situation with people who work in the open air? What are they exposed to and what protection measures should be provided by the employer in such a situation?
  • Number subject
    • Threats at the position of a drywall fitter (8-11)
      Works involving the execution of drywall construction are carried out mainly inside buildings, but the scope of these works may also include activities carried out on open ground, including construction sites, eg transport of drywall elements. It is very important to comply with the requirements of safe work while performing these works. A person working in such a position should have the necessary knowledge in this area. It is important to make employees aware of the risks that may occur in their work, and the rules of protection against these threats.
  • Judicial jurisprudence
    • Lack of regular maintenance of the plumbing system violates the employee's health and safety obligations (12-15)
      The employer is liable for damage suffered by an employee as a result of an accident at work, when it can be assumed that the incident occurred as a result of failure to fulfill obligations on the employer, for example in the field of occupational health and safety.
  • Accidents at work
    • Forwarding post-accident documentation to ZUS and protection of personal data (16)
      Who and when does the employee's post-accident documentation send to ZUS and what are the necessary attachments to the accident report? This is particularly about sensitive personal data - employee's medical records in connection with an accident - how does this affect the protection of personal data?