Aktualności BHP 2018/04 (120)

  •  News
    • Amendments to the Regulation on technical conditions to be met by buildings and their location (1)
      Recent major changes in the ordinance of the Minister of Infrastructure on technical conditions that should be met by buildings and their location, although they mainly refer to the actions of investors and designers, there are a few that are also interesting from the point of view of health and safety at work and fire protection.
  • The topic of the number
    • How can an employer protect an employee from Lyme disease? (8-9)
      From year to year, ticks increase the territories of their occurrence and today their presence in urban areas is not surprising. That is why it is very important for the employer to know how to protect employees who work in places where ticks are present and the employee, how to protect them.
  • Working conditions
    • Balance between work and the rest of the health and safety specialist (3)
      The synergy between professional life and rest also applies to health and safety professionals. How to keep it and what to remember, when performing the duties of OSH service often requires overtime, work on documentation at home or personal training?
    • Assembly of machine tools and health and safety regulations (4)
      What health and safety regulations must be met and taken into account when installing machine tools (lathes, millers, drills) in workshops (distance from walls, minimum distance between, safe passage, etc.)?
    • How to reduce the burden of stressors in the workplace? (7)
      Examples of good practices are a suggestion and suggestion of how to reduce the onerous effect of stressors. However, it is important to remember about the individual approach and remediation strategies adapted to the specifics of a given workplace, workplace and individual employee. This is necessary because psychosocial work conditions can be dangerous, but they do not have to.
    • Will the psychologist improve the working conditions in the company? (10)
      A good working atmosphere affects the working conditions. The health and safety service employee can get involved in explaining the reasons for bad work relations, but he does not always have time to do so. Therefore, in practice, the employment of a psychologist works. Unloading tensions at the workplace means limiting stress, improving the atmosphere at work and affecting the health of employees and their safety.
    • Is the extension of the period of using work clothing allowed? (11)
      The employee is granted work clothing for the expected useful life of 18 months. He worked normally all this time and working clothes after inspection turned out to be completely in good condition. Can an employer, based on an incidental fact, somehow extend the use of this clothing? In the company table, he does not want to change the date of predictable use, as this is an exception and applies to one employee. There are no work regulations in the plant. Should there be a report, an application like in the case of premature wear?
    • Will ZUS finance the improvement of working conditions in a sheltered workshop (11)
      Is a company that is a sheltered employment undertaking that systematically pays contributions and uses PFRON funds to benefit from co-financing to improve working conditions in the scope of health and safety, employing 175 employees? The owners have a second separate company, but she does not pay insurance premiums in a timely manner.
    • What documentation about safety footwear must the employer store? (12)
      What documents in the field of occupational safety and health must the employer have to store if he buys protective footwear for employees?
  • Fire
    • 20 effective ways to eliminate fire hazards (5-6)
      A very important issue in the field of fire protection is the fire safety requirements that prevail in the company. These are the conditions that must be met to eliminate or at least reduce the existing fire risks. How to avoid fire on the premises of the company?
  • Training
    • Requirements for the organization of training for forklift operators (13)
      What requirements must be met in order to organize trainings for forklift operators, completed with the examination of the Office of Technical Inspection? What will it look like when the new regulation on occupational health and safety will come into force when using power-driven trucks, will something change?
  • Judicial jurisprudence
    • Does working in special conditions decide on an early retirement (14-16)
      The nature of work in special conditions is not determined by the employment of the majority of employees when working in such conditions, but whether it was necessary to perform the works listed in the regulation on the retirement age and the increase in retirement pensions for employees employed in special conditions or in a special character.