Aktualności BHP 2018/04-05 (121)

  •  News
    • Livestock service on new rules (1-3)
      Under the new regulations, the use of animals will become an integral part of the animal service - along with breeding and breeding. In the current legal status, the treatment of farm animals included activities related to treatment. Now, the new regulation limits the duties related to servicing animals to provide assistance during medical-veterinary procedures.
    • The number of fatal accidents increased in the most accident-related sectors (3-4)
      According to the Central Statistical Office, in 2017 the number of fatal accidents at work increased, while the total number of accidents at work was 0.5% higher than in 2016. Unfortunately, the most dangerous industries with the highest number of fatal accidents are still construction, transport and storage as well as industrial processing.
  • Working conditions
    • Is the adjustment of the machine in motion permissible (5-6)
      In many companies it is not uncommon for mechanics to make adjustments on the machine while it is in operation, or when workers are avoiding security measures. they open fixed guards or bypass the security system. The question then arises: how to prevent such a phenomenon? And maybe the adjustment of the machine in motion is permissible? What are the consequences of employers and supervisors who allow employees to do so?
    • How to protect laboratory employees from biological threats? (15-16)
      In the laboratory of the plant, it is planned to carry out tests and laboratory analyzes of selected factors in biological material (it concerns the preparation of human tissues and plasma). What obligations regarding health and safety should be met? Are preventive vaccinations of employees necessary?
    • What requirements must be met by footwear for medical personnel? (16)
      Is it possible to buy medical staff without heel strap?
  • Accidents at work
    • Can the psychological condition of an employee cause the accident? (7)
      We analyze an accident in which even two employees were badly injured, the safety inspector did not find any irregularities on the part of the employer. On the other hand, the post-accident team had to show curiosity in determining the facts and causes of the accident. This case is an example of how unusual the causes of accidents can be.
    • Will an accident when an employee leaves the store during work time an accident at work (14)
      Should an accident at work be considered an accident that occurred in a situation where an employee left the store while working and did not inform the supervisor that he was leaving? And if he reports to the supervisor that he is going to the store and is injured, is the accident an accident at work? Does the employee always have to report the fact that he goes to the store, for example?
  • The topic of the number
    • What are the most common hazards at the gas station employee's job (8-10)
      In order to effectively protect a gas station employee from hazards present in his position, they should first be identified. However, the task is not so easy. The scope of duties of gas station employees may be very wide. A gas station is currently not just fuel pumps, it's also a shop or a bar.
  • Judicial jurisprudence
    • Is the employer responsible for the consequences of an accident at work? (11-13)
      In an action brought by an employee to determine an accident at work, it is unacceptable for the employment court to adjudicate at the employer's request that the accident at work occurred solely due to the injured employee in circumstances excluding the insured person's right to accident insurance if the defendant employer did not bring an employee a counterclaim for establishing that he will not bear supplementary civil liability for the consequences of the disputed accident at work, which was to be the sole fault of the employee.