Aktualności BHP 2018/05 (122)

  • News
    • There are already new amounts of one-off compensation for accidents (April 2018 - March 2019) (1)
      From 1 April 2018, new amounts of one-off damages in respect of accident at work or occupational disease apply
    • OSH in metal foundries on new principles (2-3)
      On the basis of inspections carried out in foundry plants, the National Labor Inspectorate in its annual report indicated the need to replace the currently applicable regulation with a new one that takes into account the current state of the art and modern technologies.
    • How to punish an outside company employee for non-compliance with health and safety (3-4)Often, employees employed by various employers perform work in one company. A common problem at the time is to discipline such employees to comply with internal health and safety regulations. Therefore, the question arises as to how to enforce compliance with the occupational health and safety rules in force at the plant. Can disciplinary punishments be applied to such outside employees and who is authorized to do so?
  • Health and safety control
    • Post-control sanitary procedure (5)
      What is the post-inspection procedure of the State Sanitary Inspection in the event of irregularities in the workplace? Does the establishment have a certain time to eliminate the irregularity and after that date the administrative decision is issued? What determines the amount of the mandate issued by the National Labor Inspectorate?
  • Accidents at work
    • Incorrect work organization causing an accident at the work of an electrician (6-7)
      A fine of PLN 1,500 was paid by the employer in connection with irregularities detected by the National Labor Inspectorate during the examination of the causes of an accident at work. The analysis of an accident at work, carried out after a tragic event, showed many irregularities in the organization of work. Get to know the results and scheme of the analysis of an accident at work as an electrician.
  • Number subject
    • Is office work really free from threats to life and health (8-9)
      The care for safe and hygienic work conditions in every enterprise should consist in particular in collecting and processing reliable information on the threats and occupational hazards associated with them at all workplaces, including office workplaces. Conclusions resulting from the occupational risk assessment provide the basis for taking appropriate measures to reduce the likelihood of accidents at work.
  • Chemical substances
    • How often to update the safety data sheets (10)
      What period should the safety data sheet be updated? If the manufacturer has not updated within a year or two, can this card be considered up-to-date? Or maybe the card should be updated with each new year?
  • Working conditions
    • What individual protection measures to use when working with construction scaffoldings (11)
      The purpose of using personal protective equipment when working with construction scaffolds is to protect employees against hazards and exposures occurring during the execution of tasks.
    • Checklist for the health and safety specialist (12)
      An exemplary checklist for a health and safety specialist regarding work with construction scaffoldings and mobile work platforms has been presented.
    • What certificate for handling the forklift trucks will be required from August 2018 (15)
      An accident which a person running a business underwent, going to the place of accommodation provided by the organizer of the business meeting after the feast, during which the matters of economic cooperation were discussed, is an accident at work.
    • What weights can be carried by a pregnant woman at odd jobs (16)
      What are the norms of manual handling for pregnant women at the occasional work? This regulation is not specified (there is no breakdown into permanent and occasional work).
  • Judicial jurisprudence
    • Is an accident on the way out of a business meeting with a barbecue an accident at work (13)
      An accident that a person running a business underwent, going to the place of accommodation provided by the organizer of the business meeting after the feast, during which the matters of economic cooperation were discussed, is an accident at work (in accordance with the Supreme Court's ruling).
    • Can the death of an intoxicated employee using company transport be an accident at work (14)
      The death of an employee using company transport, provided by the employer to bring employees to the workplace, can be considered as an accident at work. The condition is, however, that the employee's use of this transport is related to the obligation to appear at the workplace.