Aktualności BHP 2018/06 (124)

  • What's New?
    • What documents are necessary to service forklift trucks after August 10, 2018 (1-2)
      From August 10, 2018, it will be necessary to have a qualification certificate for the handling of forklift trucks obtained under the provisions regarding the qualifications checking mode required for the operation and maintenance of technical devices to operate forklifts with mechanical lifting drive.
    • Check how high is the increased one-off compensation for an accident in agriculture (3)
      On 17 May 2018 the rate of one-off compensation for an accident at work in agriculture or agricultural occupational disease changed. It will now amount to PLN 809 for each percentage of permanent or long-term damage to health.
    • Can the labor inspector record the course of the camera or smartphone control (3)
      The provisions of the PIP act expressly allow the inspector to use the device "recording image or sound" during the inspection. The use of a camera or recorder does not raise doubts. But what about the devices that record video and sound at the same time, e.g. a digital camera or a smartphone? Consider this issue. It is very important in the context of the possibility of making a controlled entity objection to obstructing control activities, which may involve criminal liability.
  • Working conditions
    • 5 steps to the ideal repair plan for noise exposure (4)
      There are industries, as well as workplaces, on which often we are dealing with exceeding the permissible noise standards (NDN). In such a case, the provisions oblige to prepare and implement a program of organizational and technical measures aimed at limiting the exposure to noise. So how to properly prepare and carry out such a repair program?
    • What are the obligations of an employer when introducing a factor harmful to health into production (5)
      We have introduced a soldering flux that contains, among others, 20% methanol and 25% acetone. Does the employer still have to fulfill any legal requirements related to the use of such substance besides performing measurements of the work environment and marking NDS and NDSCH? Is it necessary to enter an inventory of the flux of a flux agent in relation to the methanol content?
    • What are the mandatory authorizations for PMV measurements (6)
      Who can take PMV measurements in the workplace? Do you need special permissions for this?
    • How to determine the speed of autonomous trucks (7)
      What legal requirements should be met when introducing autonomous trucks (operated without an operator) and what determines the speed at which these trucks can work? What is the maximum speed of autonomous trucks with which they can work?
    • The employer is obliged to appoint an occupational health and safety coordinator at the construction site (15-16)
      Contractors of particular types of work are obliged to cooperate in the field of OSH with other employers (contractors). On current construction sites, where one of the factors affecting the construction process is the shortest time to complete the investment, different types of works are performed, often by separate contractors (eg, masonry work at heights and at the same time at ground level by another company earthworks are carried out), there is a risk of falling objects from height due to masonry work, and this threat applies to people who perform earthworks. In such a situation, the provisions of the Labor Code require the contractors to select a coordinator who will supervise all employees regardless of whom the employers are employed.
  • Number subject
    • How an employer can provide employee with thermal comfort in the workplace (8-10)
      In our climate, the creation of thermal comfort throughout the year in many workplaces is very difficult, and sometimes even impossible (work in open spaces or in rooms where microclimate depends on technological considerations). Therefore, the employer is obliged to introduce technical and organizational solutions that in places with unfavorable microclimate will minimize the hazard or nuisance related to work or only the presence of people.
  • Health and safety checks
    • How the State Sanitary Inspection carries out health and safety checks (11-12)
      With a well-prepared and carried out inspection, there is a small chance to hide irregularities from the inspectors of the State Sanitary Inspection. About the controls, their scope and a wide range of regulations that may result in penalties imposed by the SSI, says Jan Bondar, Spokesperson of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate.
  • Judicial jurisprudence
    • Can an employer evade the obligation to provide health and safety for employees when they outsource their work (13-14)
      The employer and the plant - on whose premises the employees of this employer performed the activities commissioned by the contract - are jointly and severally liable for the damage caused to the employee of the injured in an accident at work, if both of them respond on the basis of art. 435 of the Civil Code - Supreme Court decision of 2004.