Aktualności BHP 2018/125(07)

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    • The employer can avoid punishment when the occupational health and safety service participates in NLI control (1-2)
      During the inspection of the National Labor Inspectorate, the issues of technical work safety are often found under the magnifying glass of inspectors. Although the employer is ultimately responsible for the health and safety of the plant, it is difficult to accept that the OSH service has nothing to say about this matter. Therefore, it is worth engaging the representative of this service in the inspection process - although the active participation of the OHS cell in the control and post-control proceedings of the National Labor Inspectorate is not directly provided for in the regulations - this can protect the employer from penalties.
    • Check out the most at risk industries and jobs in 2017 (3)
      The survey of working conditions published by the Central Statistical Office in 2017 shows that the most difficult work conditions are employees in the Śląskie Voivodeship. Every seventh person worked there under threatening conditions. Employees in the Mazowieckie voivodship have the safest working conditions - here, every twenty-ninth person was exposed to deterioration of health. However, every sixth person employed in hazardous conditions is a woman.
    • Does the RODO affect the data in the certificate of completion of OHS training? (4)
      How should the provisions on the protection of personal data be used when making certificates on completing health and safety at work training? Are additional consents from training participants needed for the processing of data contained in the certificate of completing health and safety at work training?
    • Number subject
    • What are the occupational health and safety documents necessary for the proper conduct of works at the construction site? (8-9)
      Safe and proper work on the construction site depends, among from proper planning and then proper conduct of these works. The completion of the required documents related to the construction will be useful in achieving this goal.
  • Working conditions
    • Does the inspector of the National Labor Inspectorate decide on the subject competent to provide medical examinations? (5)
      Temporary employees, as well as full-time employees, should - in addition to the relevant substantive qualifications to perform a given job - have appropriate health qualifications. Verification in this area is carried out as part of employee prophylactic medical examinations.
    • Unauthorized leaving the workplace - an accident on the way to / from work? (6)
      Is it important in the event's qualification that the employee left the plant while working without informing the supervisor? Here are some tips to make it easier to carry out the post-accident investigation and to properly complete the post-accident documentation.
    • How to safely create employees' attitudes in the Raben Group? (7)
      One of the goals of responsible business in Raben Group is care for the health and safety of employees. That is why the company pays special attention to the philosophy of SHE (safety, health and environment), under which a strong safety culture is built among employees and suppliers.
    • The most common hazards occurring at the operator position of the lift truck (10)
      The specifics of the work of a lift truck operator, especially employed in a warehouse, forwarding company or logistics company, requires the operator not only to perform work related to its operation, but also other transport work performed using various auxiliary means of transport, and even manual transport work. This is associated with numerous hazards occurring at this workplace. What?
    • How to properly organize a welder's work station? (12)
      Organizing a welder's workstation is an ergonomic challenge, because this work often requires taking inconvenient body positions. However, taking into account ergonomic principles in the organization of this position, it is possible to significantly reduce the hazards to which the welder is exposed.
    • Is an allowance for work in harmful conditions to be paid to temporarily posted workers for such work (16)
      Should an employee temporarily delegated to work in an external area, for example to mow grass, be paid an allowance for work in hazardous conditions?
  • Accidents at work
    • Do you need the consent of the aggrieved party to the processing of personal data in post-accident proceedings, so as not to violate the provisions of the GDPR (14)
      What is the matter of the post-accident protocol when it comes to the personal data of the victim in relation to the provisions of the GDPR? Is it also necessary to have the victim's consent to the processing of his data, because his personal details (PESEL, NIP, date and place of birth) are in the minutes?
    • When collecting the data of witnesses of an accident at work, remember about the new regulations of the GDP (15)
      The new regulations on the protection of personal data of the RODO raise a lot of doubts, also in matters of health and safety. Being a member of the post-accident team, we are wondering how in the face of the new provisions of the RODO, is it to provide the injured party with post-accident documentation with the witnesses concerned? Which personal witnesses are necessary in the information obtained from the witness in the post-accident documentation?

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