Aktualności BHP - Substancje Niebezpieczne (OSH News) 2018/41

  • Exceeding the permissible values for formaldehyde (1, 4)
    Formaldehyde was classified as a category 3 toxic and corrosive substance and carcinogenic category 1B. The NDS value is 0.37 mg / m3, NDSCh - 0.74 mg / m3. In concentrations, it acts as a skin sensitizer, toxic in case of exposure through the respiratory tract and after ingestion. Causes serious eye damage. Mutagenic germ cell mutagen. There is a risk of irreversible changes in the state of health. It may also cause sensitization in the event of skin contact. If there has been an exceedance of NDS and NDSCh for formaldehyde in recent work environment studies, appropriate measures should be taken.
  • Should a safety data sheet be attached to each chemical (2)
    I am asking for a legal basis regarding the safety data sheets for a chemical substance. What are the obligations on the part of the manufacturer, distributor and employer?
  • Anodising - work with carcinogens (3)
    Problem to be solved: The company has a large anodizing plant (concentrated acids, bases, and wastes), including 6 substances and mixtures classified as carcinogenic category 1a or 1b in the safety data sheet. Do you need to report these mixtures to your nephride and perform all the obligations under the Regulation on carcinogens if the manufacturer has not provided NDS in section 8 of the safety data sheet? Should there be an obligation to report carcinogenic and mutagenic mixtures to health care facilities with the obligation to carry out research on these factors? There are 6 carcinogenic products, but by reviewing the NDS regulations, actually only 3 mixtures contain a factor that has certain NDS values in the regulation (disulfate and nickel difluoride, i.e. you can investigate nickel in the air). Do mixtures that are used in a very small amount (1 l/year) should be reported, only because they are carcinogenic, or it can be concluded that their sporadic (but necessary use) exonerates this obligation - potassium dichromate used only for analyzes in small amount? If substances are notified and records of works and processes will be kept, but without tests (no specific NDS values), will it comply with the regulations?

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