Aktualności BHP (OSH News) 2019/136 (02-03)

  • Change of fire protection rules of buildings after the tragedy in the escape room (3)
    At the beginning of the year, a tragedy took place in Koszalin. escape room. As a result of the fire, five girls were killed and one man was severely burned. Preliminary findings of the prosecution show that the incident occurred primarily due to the lack of proper evacuation. In connection with these events, the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration issued a regulation amending the fire protection rules for buildings.
  • New EU Directive on requirements for personal protective equipment and national regulations (3-4)
    In April 2018, a new EU directive (EU Directive 2016/425) on the requirements for personal protective equipment (personal protective equipment, SOI) came into force. Has anything changed in the Polish legislation with regard to work clothing?
  • Canceled periodic health and safety training for some administrative and office employees (5)
    From January 1, 2019, amendments to the Labor Code, which abolish the obligation of periodic health and safety training for a specific group of administrative and office employees, came into force. the changes that come into force result from the provisions of the Act of November 9, 2018 on the amendment of certain acts in order to introduce simplifications for entrepreneurs in tax and economic law.
  • The employer can independently perform the tasks of the health and safety service (7)
    In what cases can employers be able to perform the tasks of the health and safety service independently at their workplace?
  • Storage of personal files on new rules (7-8)
    Since the new year, there are already regulations that allow employees to archive employee records much shorter than before. The storage method has also been changed - it can be archived in electronic form. In the article, among others what other benefits result from these changes.
  • Topic of the issue: There are already new health and safety regulations for operating tower cranes and quick-assembly cranes (9)
    On January 16 this year. a long-awaited regulation on occupational health and safety was adopted in the use of tower cranes and quick-assembly cranes. Its main purpose is to provide crane operators with safe working conditions that take into account the specifics of their profession. The Regulation also provides a legal basis for controlling compliance with the provisions on the working conditions of these employees.
  • What are the conditions for exemption from the payment of the equivalent for washing work clothes (15)
    The payment of amounts, even if differentiated due to the time of work, defined in the workplace regulations as an equivalent for washing and maintenance of work clothing, should be treated as an equivalent for washing clothes and exempt from taxation and ZUS contributions.
  • How to ensure the right temperature in the warehouse during work (17)
    Maintaining the optimal temperature in the warehouse through proper heating and using ventilation helps to improve the work efficiency. Although the regulations do not specify the maximum temperature in rooms and workplaces, there are a few important rules to keep in mind.
  • Safety instructions in a high storage warehouse (18)
    What instructions should be in the high storage warehouse?
  • An example of a mobbing prevention procedure (19)
    Each company should have so-called anti-mobbing policy. The document, in the form of an internal ordinance or regulations, is aimed at describing the procedures of conduct in case of suspicion of occurrence of phenomena having mobbing characteristics. Anti-mobbing policy protects the employer, at the same time giving employees the opportunity to take specific actions in case of suspicion of harassment in a given team. In addition, in the event of an employee reporting a mobbing situation to the Labor Inspectorate or the Labor Court, the employer may defend himself by informing him that the employee has not used the internal procedure available to counteract phenomena that are not prohibited by law.

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