Aktualności BHP (OSH News) 2019/144

  • Check the new pattern of the statistical accident card at work (3)
    On June 29, 2019, a regulation amending the regulations on the statistically applied accident card entered into force. In addition to the new statistical model of the accident card at work, it was planned to update and adjust the content of explanations, classification and code markings to complete the statistical accident card.
  • What changes since June 28, 2019 in the regulation on OSH training (3)
    On June 28, 2019, amendments to the regulation on occupational health and safety were implemented. They introduce, among others a new model of the initial training card and a certificate of completion of training in the field of health and safety. however, this is not all that will change in the regulations. Find out, therefore, what other changes will be introduced in the Regulation on health and safety training.
  • Is it possible to modify the volume of the post-accident protocol design (5)
    An accident, which is an accident at work, imposes an obligation on the team to conduct an explanatory procedure, and then on the basis of a report on the establishment of circumstances and causes of an accident at work. Does the post-accident protocol in the volume range have to correspond exactly to the model from the regulation?
  • What personal protective equipment must be provided by employees who prepare and administer cytostatic drugs (6)
    The specific working conditions determine what personal protective equipment is to be provided to the employee in a given case. In some works, it will be considered the right recipe, but more often it will be the technology used, manufacturer's manual, professional literature, life experience.
  • What dangerous factors occur at the post of confectioner (9)
    When assessing the occupational risk at the confectioner's job, it is necessary to consider the hazards in this position. In order to effectively protect an employee against threats, they should be accurately identified. For this purpose, it will be helpful to combine dangerous agents most frequently present in this position.
  • Do you know the new rules for the assignment of employees with preventive meals and drinks (10)
    At the beginning of July 2019, changes were introduced in the regulation on preventive meals and drinks. There is no revolution, but the regulations have been adapted to current realities. This topic is also on time due to the prevailing weather conditions.
  • Modification of telecommuter's work station in the context of assessment of working conditions (12)
    Taking into account the scope of duties and the way the teleworker communicates the effects of work, the vast majority of cases he provides work in a computer workplace equipped with a screen monitor. It is worth bearing in mind that modifications within such a position require the employer to assess the working conditions on the basis of OSH regulations for posts equipped with screen monitors.
  • An accident at work during the leave of an employee of the health and safety service - can it result in a cancellation of leave (14)
    An employee of the OSH service employed on the basis of an employment contract, including a one-person cell, is entitled to an annual paid and uninterrupted vacation leave. As in the case of other employees, the OSH service employee may be dismissed from leave - when circumstances requiring his presence in the facility will become apparent after the start of the leave. An example can be an accident at work.
  • The first periodical safety training in case of frequent rotation at work stations (15)
    According to the regulation on health and safety training, we should train a worker a year or a half (depending on the position) from the moment of work in a given position. What if the employee changes positions frequently and will not work on any of them for a year, but only for 9 months? Will he never undergo periodic training in such a situation?
  • Employer organizing health and safety training - who signs the certificate of completion of OSH training (16)
    Who is the organizer of health and safety training? Can an employer who does not provide training services be an organizer of periodic health and safety training for its employees and then it is listed as the organizer on the certificate of completion of such training? Can the lecturer, the person running this training, be an employee of the OSH service with his own business activity of a training character? Is it then that the OSH service employee stamps and signs the certificate?
  • Occupational risk assessment as an anesthesiologist (17)
    How to assess the occupational risk at the anesthesiologist's work station while performing surgical procedures?

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