Aktualności BHP (OSH News) 2019/147 (09-10)

  • Recipes with commentary
    • The gray zone and work safety (3)
      According to the report 'Occupational safety in Poland 2018' prepared by the 'Safe at Work' coalition, 43% of the surveyed citizens of Ukraine They were employed under a fixed-term contract, and only 22% For an indefinite period. The relatively high percentage of foreigners working without a contract (14%) can be explained by overrepresentation in the sample of employees from sectors where this problem actually occurs, also in relation to Polish employees. These departments are gastronomy and hotel industry or help in the household. As a result of the offices' care, this tendency may deepen.
  • Court case law
    • Can milk be a means of personal protection (4)
      By extending the definition of PPE, PPE can also be substances to be used in contact with a harmful agent, e.g. milk. However, the condition is their physical delivery to the employee and it is impossible to pay the equivalent for such personal protective equipment. Such conclusions result from the judgment of the District Court in Tarnów.
    • What consequences will be drawn for an employee absent from OSH training (5)
      The employer organized periodic health and safety training for employees and informed them about the date and place of its implementation. If the employee does not come to the training due to his own fault, can the employer demand that the employee undergo training at his own expense and provide a certificate of training?
  • Safety training in questions and answers
    • Employer's stamp at the place of the "employer's mark" on new designs (6)
      A new field with the inscription "designation of employer" appeared in the new initial training card. Can you stamp a company stamp here, or is this place intended for other identification?
  • Working conditions
    • How to reduce the arduous action of stressors in the company? (7)
      Examples of good practices are a suggestion and suggestion of ways to reduce the arduous action of stressors. However, one should remember about individual approach and remedial strategies adjusted to the specificity of a given workplace, job position and individual employee. This is necessary because psychosocial working conditions can be a threat, but they don't have to.
    • Good mental condition of employees has an impact on the company's development (8)
      A good atmosphere at work affects the conditions there. An employee of the OSH service may be involved in explaining the reasons for bad work relationships, but he does not always have time for this. Therefore, the employment of a psychologist works in practice. Relieving tension in the workplace means reducing stress, improving the atmosphere at work, and affecting employees' health and safety.
    • Does the establishment have a specific deadline to remedy irregularities identified by Sanitary-Epidemiological Station (12)
      What is the control procedure of the State Sanitary Inspection in the event of irregularities found in the workplace? Does the establishment have a specific time to rectify the irregularities and after that date is the administrative decision issued? What determines the amount of the mandate issued by the National Labor Inspectorate?
    • 5 steps to an ideal recovery plan when exposed to noise (14)
      There are industries as well as workplaces in which we often deal with exceeding the permissible noise standards. In such a case, the regulations require the preparation and implementation of a program of organizational and technical measures to reduce exposure to noise. So how to properly prepare and carry out such a recovery program?
    • Who should provide medical examinations for temporary employees (15)
      Temporary employees, just like full-time employees, should - in addition to the appropriate technical qualifications to perform a given job - have appropriate health qualifications. Verification in this area is carried out as part of preventive medical examinations. The problem is that the regulations do not indicate the entity competent to provide such tests. However, the issue of providing medical examinations for temporary employees is controlled by the National Labor Inspectorate. However, this institution is not entitled to settle the dispute between the agency and the user employer regarding the provision of necessary medical examinations. Who should be obliged to do that?
    • What are the hazards in the position of the lift truck operator (17)
      The specificity of the work of the lift truck operator, especially employed in the warehouse, forwarding or logistics company, requires the operator not only to perform work related to its operation, but also other transport work performed using various auxiliary means of transport, and even manual transport work. this is associated with numerous threats occurring in this workplace. what?
  • Number of issue
    • Work in special conditions and early retirement (9)
      The nature of work in special conditions is not determined by the employment of an overwhelming number of employees when working in such conditions, but whether the achievement of the department's goal was necessary to carry out the work listed in the Regulation on retirement age and the increase of retirement and disability pensions for employees employed in special conditions or in a special character.
  • Risk assessment
    • Risk assessment of an employee performing additional tasks on a mandate contract (13)
      There is no cleaner in the company. Cleaning work is carried out by two employees of the company on a mandate contract. Should, therefore, an occupational risk assessment be carried out for the cleaner position, which in fact does not exist, or should additional risks be added to the positions occupied by ladies, such as window cleaning, contact with caustic cleaning agents? What if other employees sign the contract?
    • Which documents of the occupational risk assessment will the employer receive (19)
  • OSH documents
    • The injured party's reservations regarding the circumstances and causes of the accident at work (20)

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