Aktualności BHP (OSH News) 2019/149 (11-12)

  • Recipes with commentary
    • 10 new chemicals with NDS values in 2020 (3)
      Check today for details on changes to the regulation on the maximum allowable concentrations and intensities of factors harmful to health in the work environment. These changes are to come into force in January 2020.
    • From March 2020, new provisions on health and safety at power equipment (4)
      There is already a new regulation on health and safety at power equipment. The provisions have been adopted and published in the Official Journal of 2019, item 1830, but are not yet in force. The ordinance will enter into force six months after its announcement, i.e. on March 26, 2020. At the same time, the existing ordinance of the Minister of Economy of March 28, 2013 on occupational health and safety at energy devices will function until that time.
  • Court case law
    • After an accident at work, mandatory updating of the occupational risk assessment (6)
      The employer should aim to eliminate or reduce the hazards identified and re-assess the occupational risk after an accident at work.
  • OSH inspections
    • Whether to inform the labor inspector about failure to execute his order within (8)
      The rule is that the controlled entity to which an order requiring the employer to address the identified deficiencies has been sent, is obliged to inform the relevant body of the National Labor Inspectorate about its implementation within certain deadlines. What happens if the order has not been complied with on time?
  • Health and safety training - questions and answers
    • How to confirm the contractor's initial occupational health and safety training (11)
      Can the initial training card confirm the performance of the contractor's initial occupational health and safety (general and job) training? Should the declaration be used?
    • Documentation of oral examination from the periodic safety training (12)
      Can the exam after periodic OHS training be conducted orally as an interview with a trainee? Does the file have to contain any document confirming that the exam took place? What about guided self-study? How should the exam take place so that it is legal?
    • Training group for fire protection inspector (12)
      To what training group, during the periodic OHS training, qualify the fire protection inspector: for administrative and office positions, or maybe for engineering and technical?
    • Connecting training groups of administrative and office employees with others (13)
      In the light of the amendment to the provisions of the Regulation of the Minister of Economy and Labor of 27 July 2004 on training in the field of occupational health and safety, or actually the breakdown of the provision of § 14 para. 2 on items 5 and 6 (i.e. administrative and office employees, other employees not mentioned in items 1-5), it is necessary to separately organize periodic training for these groups - assuming, however, that training will still be conducted for typical administrative and office?
  • Working conditions
    • Footwear for warehouse workers handling toes (14)
      Are warehouse workers working in a low warehouse, with manual hand trucks at their disposal? Pallet trucks and forklifts, also manual ones, must have working footwear with toe caps, or they may be ordinary shoes, so-called sneakers?
    • How to motivate employees to work safely (15)
      What motivates employees to work safely? How do you use tools outside of cash bonuses?
    • Safety harness mandatory for a worker on scaffolding (16)
      Do you always have to be equipped and fastened with safety harnesses when working on scaffoldings? In how many places should the employee be secured?
  • Risk assessment
    • How to identify actual threats in the catering establishment (17)
      One of the best ways to prevent occupational hazards in a catering establishment that can result in accidents at work is to properly manage work safety. Its basic element is reliable, adequate to technical and technological conditions in the company internal safety control. To do this, you should use the checklist.
      Number of issue
    • Personal permits for operating trucks and transforming the workplace (9)
      The Regulation on occupational health and safety when using motorized forklifts for many years gave employers the opportunity to issue personal permits for operating forklifts - valid at the employer's premises. Personal permits issued in the past on the basis of an already repealed Regulation are valid for a limited period depending on the period of issue. However, what if the employer who issued them is transformed or changes their seat - that is, the area of the workplace?
  • OSH documents
    • Checklist for developing post-accident documentation (20)
      Preparation of accident documentation is not easy. Investigating the event itself can also be difficult. Sometimes we wonder if we have considered all possible options or whether all relevant issues have been considered. With this in mind, experts from "Health and Safety News" have prepared a checklist that will definitely facilitate the task of investigating and documenting an accident at work.

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