Aktualności BHP (OSH News) 2020/154 (02)

  • Subject of the issue - Thermal comfort in the workplace
     In our climate, creating thermal comfort throughout the year at many workplaces is very difficult, and sometimes even impossible (work in open spaces or rooms where the microclimate is determined by technological considerations). Therefore, the employer is obliged to introduce technical and organizational solutions that in places with unfavorable microclimate will reduce to a minimum the risks or nuisances associated with work or just staying with people.
  • Office - evaluation of working conditions
    Care for safe and hygienic working conditions in every enterprise should consist in particular in the collection and processing of reliable information on the occurring threats and the associated occupational risk at all workplaces, including office workplaces. The conclusions resulting from the occupational risk assessment provide the basis for taking appropriate actions to reduce the likelihood of accidents at work.
  • Health and safety training in Poland at a low level
  • New values for NDS and NDN harmful factors
    From 17 January 2020, new NDS values for 17 chemicals have been in force, 10 new chemical substances with NDS values have also appeared, as amendments to the Regulation on the maximum allowable concentrations and intensities of factors harmful to health in the work environment have entered into force.
  • Order to re-evaluate occupational risk in the workplace after an accident at work
    The correct reaction of the employer should aim to eliminate or reduce the hazards identified and re-assess the occupational risk after an accident at work, the Provincial Administrative Court in Krakow. How did he justify the need to update the occupational risk assessment after an accident at work?
  • Do health and safety documents for foreign-language employees need to be translated
    The workplace employs people from outside Poland, mainly from Ukraine. Does the workplace have to translate all OSH documents for these employees (several people), including OSH instructions, risk assessment?
  • Occupational risk assessment in the physical education teacher's workplace
    At school, as in any other workplace, an occupational risk assessment should be carried out for teaching staff. The most diverse in terms of threats and a separate position will be the teacher of physical education / sport activities. His position is the least similar to that of an office, unlike other teaching positions. With this in mind, we present an exemplary occupational risk assessment prepared by experts at the physical education teacher's workstation, ready for download.
  • Warning! Changes in NDS and NDN
    On January 17, 2020, an amendment to the regulation on the highest allowable concentrations and intensities of factors harmful to health in the work environment is planned to enter into force. Will change, among others NDS values for 18 chemicals, there will also be 10 new chemicals with NDS values.
  • Risk assessment of the hairdresser
    We present the occupational risk assessment at the workplace of a hair salon employee - hairdresser / hairdresser. The material was developed based on the RISC SCORE method. The full version is also available for download on the guide's website www.praktyczneszkoleniabhp.wip.pl.
  • Health and safety training in the case of posting an employee to work abroad
    Employees go on a business trip to another workplace abroad. They will do the same work as in the country. They have current job and periodic health and safety training. Should they undergo OSH training in the new workplace? Is it enough for them to perform the on-site training they have undergone at the plant in the country?
  • Company stamp on training documents?
    Should the new templates of the initial training card for occupational health and safety and a certificate of completion of training in the field of occupational health and safety in the employer's designation and the name of the organizer of the training, enter the name of the employer or the full name of the workplace? Can I use the header stamp with the employer's data?
  • 27 rules for safe work in a chemical laboratory
    Working in contact with hazardous chemical substances and their mixtures in chemical laboratories involves specific hazards. This applies without exception to all chemical laboratories. Therefore, in order to minimize the occurring risks in such a laboratory, proper organization of work and compliance with specific rules of conduct should be ensured. With this in mind, we present a set of the most important principles of health and safety at work in a chemical laboratory.

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