Aktualności BHP (OSH News) 2020/155 (03)

  • Subject of the issue - Employees for first aid, fire fighting and evacuation of employees
    It is the responsibility of every employer to provide the resources necessary to provide first aid in emergencies and combat fires and evacuate employees. This involves the appointment of employees directly responsible for these tasks. Let's consider whether it is permissible for one person to perform both first aid and evacuation tasks?
  • Is it possible to claim damages when running a business?
    The owner of the building or apartment has the obligation to properly secure holes, hatches and entrances to basements and other similar rooms, the lack of these protections and even informing persons staying in the building or apartment about the threat causes liability for damages if an accident occurs; it does not matter that the injured person works in the renovation and construction industry - the Court of Appeal in Warsaw ruled.
  • Preventive actions of the OHS service as part of protection against coronavirus
    The increasing number of coronavirus cases worldwide and the increasing number of victims are a threat to public health on all continents and in most countries, including Poland. It is also a challenge for OSH services, which should take specific actions related to education to prevent panic among employees as soon as possible. With each subsequent day, employees begin to worry more and more about health safety, also because of the increase in the number of colds and flu cases among employees (the flu and cold season is currently underway), but at the same time there is no knowledge on how to deal with the actual risk of coronavirus in a specific work environment.
  • The risk of hand damage is limited only by personal protective equipment
    "Training, awareness raising actions, instructions, and support from an OSH inspector will not prevent careless handling of a sharp work tool and its consequences. Risk of injury and hand wounds can only be limited by personal protective equipment - protective gloves that employees should wear when working with a knife. " This was the opinion of the Provincial Administrative Court in Wrocław.
  • Accident at the end of the year and the ZUS IWA declaration
    An accident at work took place in December 2019, the accident report was drawn up on December 30, 2019, and approved in January 2020. Should such an accident be included in the ZUS IWA declaration for 2019, or for 2020 in which the protocol was approved?
  • The employee chooses the training company in which he or she trains health and safety
    Question: Should the employer honor the certificate of completion of periodic OHS training in the form of e-learning in an organizational unit conducting activity in the field of OSH training other than indicated by the employer? The employee himself chose a company other than the one whose training was ordered by the employer, on which portal he performed online training and provided the employer with a certificate.
  • Accident documentation of a temporary employee employed under a mandate contract
    Question: An accident occurred for a temporary employee referred by a temporary employment agency (hereinafter: APT) under a work contract with a user employer. Does the employer user enter the accident in his accident register, or is he required to keep the accident card with attachments? Who, APT or user employer, fills out the statistical accident card?
  • Scaffolding at power equipment and energy permissions
    Question: Pursuant to the new regulation on occupational health and safety at power equipment, auxiliary works at power equipment include, among others construction and painting works, etc. Does the team installing scaffolding, with devices covered by the scope of permits when operating these devices, also have to have energy licenses in connection with this definition? In addition, the regulation mentions a person authorized to perform specific activities or maintenance works. Is the specimen of such authorization determined by law or can you specify the specimen yourself?
  • Co-financing of corrective glasses independent of the number of medical recommendations
    It is the employer's responsibility to provide employees performing work on the screen with corrective vision glasses, as prescribed by the doctor, if the results of ophthalmologic examinations carried out as part of preventive health care show the need for glasses. Recommendations in the above scope may be issued not only as part of preventive preliminary or periodic examinations. Thus, the employer cannot make the provision of glasses, including their change, dependent on the formal frequency of periodic preventive examinations.
  • Is it possible to extend the provision of regenerative meals to employees?
    Question: Workers should receive regenerative meals between November 1 and March 31. Determining whether employees are entitled to a regenerative meal took a while and they began to receive this meal only from January 1, 2020. Can the employer extend the time of transferring meals by another two months, i.e. in April and May, or in some way compensate employees when they did not receive meals? Are these months just lost?
  • When to measure employees' exposure to ionizing radiation
    Question: Does the use of any ionizing radiation sources require notification and does it therefore necessarily mean the need for individual dosimetry?
  • Initial training of IT contractors
    Do you need to carry out initial and on-the-job OSH training for an IT specialist employed in a plant under a mandate contract?

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