Aktualności BHP - Substancje Niebezpieczne (OSH News) 2020/54

  • Does the nurse have to be authorized to service technical gas cylinders (1)
    In the health clinic in the treatment room there is a medical oxygen bottle for resuscitation with a reducer screwed on it (by a conservator with qualifications: special qualifying training valid for 5 years in the use of medical gas cylinders for storage, transport and maintenance, etc.) so that an oxygen mask could be attached. Do nurses giving oxygen to a patient also need to have such training, or is CPR (certificate of cardiopulmonary resuscitation completed) sufficient for them? What about the transport of such cylinders?
  • The employee fuels fuel - how to take this into account in the risk assessment (2)
    The excavator operator fuels fuel once every 10 days (80 liters ON). The employee is therefore exposed to chemical agents. How to carry out a risk assessment at this workplace and consider refueling? What will the occupational risk be in this case?
  • Coronavirus: What health and safety conditions should be ensured when ozoning rooms (4)
    In the company, we want to start the service of ozoning rooms and cars using portable generators. What working conditions should we provide employees? Is this a job that two people have to do?

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