Aktualności BHP (OSH News) 2020/162 (08)

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    • Controls of the National Labor Inspectorate already in full scope (3)
      Chief Labor Inspector decided that labor inspectors are returning to full-time performance of their tasks. Therefore, they will carry out inspections at workplaces, but using procedures limiting the risk of COVID-19 infection. How will such control look in practice?
  • Recipes with a comment
    • Mobbing in the workplace (4)
      It is the employer's duty to prevent any mobbing activities. Moreover, the employer is responsible not only for the active harassment of employees, but also for failure to comply with the obligation to counteract mobbing behavior in the company. but not all behavior that upsets an employee may be considered mobbing. Only the occurrence of specific premises results in liability for mobbing activities. So when do we deal with mobbing in the workplace?
  • Working conditions
    • Protecting workers from ticks - employer obligations (7)
      It is very important that when working in green areas, the employer knows how to protect employees working in places where ticks may be present. Summer is in full swing, and there are a lot of ticks this season. They are carriers of bacteria and viruses and cause very serious diseases. That is why it becomes so important to provide effective protection to your employees.
    • Dielectric equipment - periodic test dates (8)
      Dielectric equipment, such as dielectric gloves, forceps and insulating holders for power fuses (BM), is subject to inspection and periodic inspection. In case of doubts as to the efficiency of a given piece of equipment, it should be subjected to tests and examinations. In addition, the employer may set shorter test dates, in particular when the equipment is used, transported or stored in difficult conditions. How often should periodic inspections and tests be performed?
  • Subject of the issue
    • An employee in an administrative and office position. So who? (9)
      The provisions of the Labor Code provide for the possibility of not providing training to administrative and office employees, if such a deviation is justified by the risk assessment. In addition, when the majority of the employer's activity within the meaning of the provisions on official statistics is in the group of activities for which a risk category not higher than 3 has been established within the meaning of the provisions on social insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases. Unfortunately, the provisions giving the possibility to withdraw from periodic training may turn out to be quite problematic in practice. Especially when the question arises, who exactly is an administrative and office worker.
  • OHS training - questions and answers
    • Former contractor's health and safety training - is it valid after employment under a contract of employment (11)
      It is necessary to train the employee in the field of occupational health and safety. The prior training of this person as the contractor does not exempt him from this obligation. The opposite view carries a risk.
  • Risk assessment
    • Hazards at the workplace of a leather tanner (employee of a wet workshop) (12)
      Occupational risk is the probability of the occurrence of undesirable work-related events, causing losses, in particular the occurrence of adverse health effects for employees as a result of occupational hazards in the work environment or the way of performing work. The article presents hazards at the workplace that should be taken into account in the risk assessment.
  • Questions & Answers
    • What to do in a situation where the court has changed the classification of an accident event (15)
      The provisions in the field of technical safety at work regulating post-accident documentation do not regulate the procedure in a situation where the court changes the legal qualification of an event. Due to the lack of special provisions, it can be assumed that the appropriate procedure will be to draw up a new additional protocol - in which point 7 will include information about the change in the legal classification of the event and an annotation regarding the court judgment. It is also worth attaching a copy of the court judgment on the basis of which the correction was made to such a new protocol.
    • How much is the validity of a certificate issued by another occupational medicine doctor during an epidemic (16)
      During the epidemic, check-ups, if a preventive doctor is not available, may be carried out by another occupational medicine doctor with whom the employer has not signed a contract. This ruling becomes invalid shortly after the end of the epidemic.
  • OHS service
    • Criminal liability of the OHS service (17)
      Undoubtedly, the employer is responsible for the health and safety at work in every company. On the other hand, the health and safety service is a single or multi-person organizational unit separated within the structures of the workplace, which is primarily responsible for providing advice to the employer and controlling occupational health and safety. Will the employee of the OHS service be criminally liable for exposing the employee to the risk of loss of life or serious damage to health?
  • First aid
    • Using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) step-by-step (19)
      An AED is life-saving and should be used as soon as possible. It must be remembered, however, that this is a technically very advanced device that helps, but cannot replace, the first aider. Proper training ensures not only the ability to use the device, but also the ability to provide first aid to the victim.

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