Aktualności Ochrony Środowiska (Environmental Protection News) 2021/183

  • Subject of the issue : Municipal guards - greater powers to impose penalties
    On June 22, 2020, a draft regulation of the Minister of Interior and Administration amending the regulation on petty offenses for which municipal guards are authorized to impose fines under a criminal mandate appeared on the website of the government's legislative center . What penalties can you expect?
  • Who can process waste for their own needs
    As an entrepreneur X, who does not have a permit to collect or process waste, can we accept waste code 10 12 08, e.g. for paving roads?
  • What will change in the act on the management of packaging and packaging waste
    The proposed changes to the act on waste define the rights and obligations i.e. entrepreneurs recycling packaging waste (the entry "recovery process or other than recycling" has been removed). The entities introducing products in packaging will be obliged to ensure the recycling of packaging waste of the same type as packaging waste resulting from the same type of packaging as the packaging in which they introduced the products. What else is worth knowing?
  • 10 advantages of using sustainable drainage systems
    The benefits of using sustainable drainage systems are mainly the simulation of the operation of natural systems and the integration of installations with the landscape as a visual structure, which apart from the obvious environmental and social benefits, creates habitats and promotes groundwater recharge. The limitations of the possibilities of using sustainable drainage systems result from the requirements of large areas, frequent service and the need for social acceptance for above-ground tanks. Despite this, sustainable rainwater management has many advantages over a conventional system (i.e. collective sewerage system).
  • Legal changes
    • Correction of data in BDO - is it possible
      Question: In 2020, the company we handed over the waste paper to reduced weight due to water or other pollutants. Due to water, the inventory is higher than actual. I thought about writing a protocol, but is there any special template required and how to register it in KEO?
    • Who is introducing packaging - producer or customer?
      Question: We are a company that prints advertising items (posters, leaflets, banners) with the customer's logo at the customer's request. At the customer's request, we send these articles directly to their branches (300 locations) - e.g. one item of a given item to one location, therefore, instead of one package, we send, for example, 300 packages. We ship by courier from the customer's account. We are only the place of shipment (sender) and the customer is the payer. So who is the introducer of the packaging? We or the client?
    • Classification of spray paint packaging
      Question: We buy spray paint for marking trees in the forest. There are pressure containers left after the paint (probably there are also remains of this paint). R ophthalmically we give to the disposal of several hundred kilograms of the above. containers. At BDO, there are few recipients of this type of waste in our area, the prices are high, and additionally some of these recipients believe that the appropriate code for this type of waste is 15 01 10, and others classify it as 15 01 11 . Which code is right?
    • Importing the machine from abroad - am I introducing products in packages
      Question: Does the machine used in the production process, imported from abroad in a metal container, make an entity "introducing products in packaging " (metal container, foil and other protection of the machine in the container)? Does it matter if the machine is leased (or owned by the customer) or owned by the entity?

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