AURA Ochrona Środowiska 2018/02

  • Antarctica without penguins?
    Today we are beginning to realize that the pristine terrains on Earth, of which there are so few, have tremendous value for humanity. Antarctica is often considered a virgin land untouched by human activities. Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore. For over 100 years, people traveled to Antarctica and in this short time they managed to penetrate a large part of it and left their mark on it.
  • Dogs in the service of border guards
    Service dogs working in border guards are helping the officers in the protection of the state borders: land, sea and air. They penetrate airports, train stations, seaports, conference rooms, schools, and check the meeting places of important personalities. Thanks to the traces of crime left on the spot, they reach the people who committed them, or to the places of concealment of objects lost as a result of the activities of the perpetrators. They also work in the search for missing persons. Dog work in such a wide range is possible due to very well developed olfactory skills.
  • Spread scattering - the unknown face of a common plan
    Juncus effusus L. - diffused sieve, a plant belonging to the Juncaceae family (sieve), occurs in various climatic zones, both in the subtropical zone and in temperate climates. As a native plant, it can be found in North America, Europe or Asia. The exception are dry and high-mountain areas, which this plant avoids.
  • Catalytic-physical technology - an example of an environmentally friendly method of surface stabilization of cohesive soils
    The basic purpose of the treatments strengthening the weak soil substrate is to increase its load capacity and stiffness. This can be achieved by reinforcing the ground by adding additional materials or elements to it. Strengthening of poor soil can be achieved, for example, by its dimming, drying and replacement. The article is an attempt to respond to the issues addressed, referring to one of the methods of surface reinforcement of cohesive soils, namely catalytic and physical technology.
  • Fees for ecosystem services
    And the previous article analyzed the concept of ecosystem services (AURA 2/2018). Estimates of their economic value are interesting in themselves. But their practical meaning is even greater. If they had to pay for these services, the money could be used to provide sustainable supply.