AURA Ochrona Środowiska 2018/03

  • Ecological Chronicle
    The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management has reserved PLN 82.5 million in subsidies and PLN 68.5 million in loans for investments limiting the negative impact on the environment and restoring degraded areas through reclamation for reuse. The call for proposals under the priority program Land protection has already begun. Subsidies may be applied by local government units, public entities acting on behalf of the Treasury, natural persons conducting economic activity, state enterprises and commercial law companies.
  • Technological curiosities from the world
    The change in temperature to electricity, thermoelectric devices that produce energy when one part of them is subjected to a different temperature than the other, have been in the focus of scientists for many years. A team of researchers from MIT has developed a new way of converting temperature changes into electrical energy. Instead of expecting the two ends of the device to receive different impulses at the same time, the system uses natural changes in ambient temperature in the day-night cycle. The solution was called a thermal resonator.
  • Emissions of ammonia in agriculture as a threat to the environment
    The results of research carried out recently by various authors have brought a wider recognition of the role of ammonia in chemical processes taking place in the atmosphere, as well as in the use of this form of nitrogen by plants as a nutrient. Ammonia emitted from the surface of the earth returns to it in the form of a wet or dry fall.
  • Krakow Gardens - pocket parks - smart, green initiative
    Where did the idea of pocket parks come from? The idea of this type of public space was created in the United States, from the needs of residents. Although Krakow's buildings are not as compact as New York, we have a similar problem with the availability of all residents to decorated green areas. We can not build a big park in any part of the city. Especially in the center, where the buildings are tight and really only save us pocket parks, which perfectly respond to the needs of residents of large urban agglomerations.
  • Judgment of the Court of 20 September 2017 on the promotion of energy from renewable sources in Spain