Aura - Ochrona Środowiska (AURA Environmental Protection) 2019/02

  • Integrated plant protection as an element of good agricultural practice
    For several decades, upward trend has been observed in the number of used plant protection products (śor). Despite the warnings of scientists, already in the 1960s, concerning the negative effects of their use, the use of pesticides is gradually growing. Many scientific studies have made public aware that it is necessary to look for other alternative solutions to eliminate at least some of the chemical treatments and replace them with safe ones for the environment. In Poland, in order to fill the information and educational gap concerning environmentally friendly agricultural practices for producers, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of the Environment have developed the Code of Good Agricultural Practice (KDPR). It contains, among others information on the management and management of an agricultural holding in sustainable agriculture, water protection, agricultural land, air, landscape and conservation of biodiversity. Observing and completing this set of practices is certainly not an easy task due to the use by most of the farms. Therefore, to reduce the risks associated with their use, and at the same time adapt to KDPR, the principles of Good Plant Protection Practice (DPOR) in the multi-annual program "Protection of arable crops with regard to food safety and limitation of crop losses and threats to human health, pet animals have been developed. and the environment".
  • Technological peculiarities from the world
    Simple desalination of water According to cautious estimates, by 2025, as many as 2 billion people will have problems with access to drinking water. One solution is desalination of seawater. Unfortunately, this is a road process, requiring from 10 to 1000 times more energy than traditional methods involving pumping water from wells, rivers or lakes. With this in mind, scientists from the Turin University of Technology have developed a prototype of a cheap, renewable desalter that uses solar energy. In comparison with the solutions used so far, this technology allows doubling the amount of water obtained using the same amount of solar energy. The assumption of technology is based on the imitation of processes occurring in plants, and more specifically, ways of transporting water from roots to leaves.
  • Environmental Protection Inspection as public prosecutor
    Question: What does it mean that bringing in and supporting accusations has been recognized as the task of the Environmental Protection Inspection? Answer - Provincial Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Wrocław: When the Act on the State Environmental Protection Inspection was still in force on July 20, 1991, as a law on the Inspection of Environmental Protection, two provisions of a penal nature were introduced to its text.
  • Cities are preparing for climate change
    Large cities, due to the largest concentration of buildings, infrastructure and population, are particularly vulnerable to climate change - extreme heat, storms, rapid rainfall, floods and flooding. A high increase in air temperature in highly urbanized areas will reduce the quality of life and will adversely affect the health of residents. Over 23 million people currently live in Polish cities, which is over 60% of the country's population. As you can see, the scale of the problem is huge.
  • Ecological problems of the city of Krakow
    Polish Ecological Club (PKE) - an independent ecological organization, established in 1980 in Krakow. PKE was the first in Poland to develop the idea of eco-development, presenting it during the session of the sub-assembly for the ecology of the Round Table. The idea emerging in the period of systemic transformation is today the basis of the state's ecological policy. In 1984, PKE was registered as an all-Polish association. It is the first organization in Poland that opposes the policy of treating the environment as a "no man's good." The aim of PKE's activities is to implement the idea of eco-development, systematic improvement of the natural environment and shaping awareness by the universal ecological education that the quality of life depends on the balance between the development of technical civilization and humanistic values.

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