Aura - Ochrona Środowiska (AURA Environmental Protection) 2019/04

  • Proper use of water resources (2)
  • Traces of old water power stations recorded in the relief and landscape of the Skawica Valley (3)
  • Control of acoustic impact on the environment of an exemplary wind farm in the Lodzkie voivodship (8)
  • ECONOMICS OF THE ENVIRONMENT Sewage directive (12)
  • New rules for waste segregation in Krakow (14)
  • NFOSiGW Conference "District heating with energy self-sufficiency" (16)
  • Selected municipal waste collection points as an example of a well-functioning waste management in the city (17)
  • Renewable energy sources The latest technological solutions in the field of photovoltaic module construction (20)
  • FROM THE JUDGMENT of the EU Court of Justice Judgment of the Court of 18 October 2018 on the protection of harbor porpoise in the United Kingdom, C - 669/16 (23)
  • The "Segiet" reserve in Bytom (24)
  • Easter eggs (26)
    INDUSTRY WILL GRACE NEW Insects in the world of climate crisis (28)
  • Egg (30)
  • PARAGRAPH AND ENVIRONMENT Prohibition of the use of motor boats in a landscape park (32)
  • Technological interest from the world (33)
  • ECOLOGICAL CHRONICLE - March 2019 - (eco) (34)
  • Review - Pollution in Poland: condition, causes, effects (35)

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