Aura - Ochrona Środowiska (AURA Environmental Protection) 2020/02

  • Poles' ecological awareness survey
    Only every third Pole undertakes actions for health protection related to air pollution in the place of residence - results from a survey conducted in 2019 on behalf of the Ministry of the Environment. The research was to show the state of knowledge, level of awareness and attitudes of Poles towards: air quality, waste management and returnable bottles. Research shows that we most often follow messages about the state of air and limit outdoor activities when a smog alarm is issued.
  • Ecological financial collapse
    Poland is not among the world leaders in environmental protection, but many experts have confirmed that the Polish economy attaches great importance to meeting its requirements and invests a lot in this area, thanks to the existence of appropriate mechanisms. Meanwhile, after 2015 there was a sudden slump in the level of pro-ecological expenditure. Its depth cannot be explained by any coincidence; results from a drastic reduction in requirements and loosening of rigors that have led to an improvement in the environment over the past two decades.
  • Hydropresentation XXIII - ecology and development
    Ecology and development is the theme of the XXIII National Scientific and Technical Symposium HYDROPREZENTACJE. This is an up-to-date and extremely important issue, which cannot be ignored in this year's discussions. It is an integral element of water and wastewater management in Poland, which is worth considering.
  • Reporter
    I followed the same paths as he did - to the bursar, to the university canteen, to the small kiosk at Krakowskie Przedmieście. However, I never met him personally. I was not lucky, although the history department was barely separated by the width of the road from the journalism department. But then, after studying, I did not part with his texts, books, his philosophy of life. I read it greedily. Thanks to him I understood the world better, its complexities, beauty and ugliness. Ryszard Kapuściński was an outstanding writer, essayist, reporter, aphorist and poet. Curious about the world and people, penetrating, modest and noble. He explored the world with all his senses. His lyrics were compact and emotional. To this day, he is considered one of the best journalists of the twentieth century
  • Extreme weather phenomena and their impact on nature in Poland
    In the climate zone in which Poland is located, the intensification of extreme weather phenomena will have a key impact on species and habitats in the coming years. Heavy rains with the risk of flooding and flooding or landslides will be essential. Intense winds and even incidental whirlwinds and lightning are expected to intensify. The frequency of extreme weather phenomena in Poland is already clearly increasing.

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