Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie (Work Safety and Environmental Protection in Mining) 2019/03

  • Registration and archiving of mining telephone communication systems
    The ordinance of the Minister of Energy on the detailed requirements for the operation of underground mining facilities introduces the obligation to perform billing of connections and connection tests in a general-system communication system. The term "connection attempt" is however not defined. It is ambiguous and may pose serious technical problems to telephone exchanges operated in the general-access communication system. The article presents the method of making calls in subscriber's telephone exchanges, unsuccessful connection attempts, wrong connection attempts along with available technical possibilities of registering relevant records in the memory of the telecommunications server. It was proposed that in mining communication systems it would be mandatory to register and archive completed calls and unsuccessful connection attempts, and the registration of faulty connection attempts was not mandatory.
  • Hydrogeological conditions and water hazard in the "Olkusz-Pomorzany" mine
    In the article, against the background of the description of the geological structure, the hydrogeological conditions of the Olkusz region, where the Zn-Pb ore deposits are exploited, are presented. The structure and intensity of water inflows to each of the ore deposits have been characterized, as well as the way they are captured and drained. The aim of the work is to indicate the factors shaping the volume of the total inflow intensity, which in the fourth quarter of 2017 was at the level of nearly 230 m3 / min, and the method of determining the limits of water hazard levels.
  • Causes of electric accidents from 2013-2017 in mining plants supervised by OUG in Gliwice
    In the article, in the statistical view, electrical accidents in mining from the last five years have been presented, dividing them into deadly, collective and other, taking into account the voltage values of electrical installations at which they occurred, and the way in which electric current affects a person. Based on the results of the investigation of accidents from 2013-2017 in mining plants supervised by the District Mining Office in Gliwice, their causes were also discussed.
  • Assessment of musculoskeletal load on selected workplaces in copper ore mines
    Musculoskeletal load is one of the most widespread problems in the mining industry. They cause employee absenteeism, decrease in work efficiency and health problems, mainly related to the spine and upper limbs. The study presents a study of this problem, conducted by means of a questionnaire on a group of 40 operators of heavy mining equipment. The analysis of the survey showed that the most burdensome conditions for the employees were the conditions prevailing in the operator's cabin and the repetitiveness of activities and the resulting monotony of work, as well as general and local vibrations.
  • There is no fear in our profession - a thing about mining proverbs
  • Wacław Cybulski - soldier, scientist, miner

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