Bezpieczeństwo Pracy - nauka i praktyka (Work Safety) 2019/10

  • Chemicals at the outlet. The end of the European campaign entitled "Health and safe workplace. Hazardous substances under control ”(2nd cover page)
  • Local reports (2)
  • Combining science and practice. COATS PRO industry seminar (3)
  • III Health and Safety Forum behind us (4)
  • Physical fitness of firefighters - examples of activities and solutions to support its maintenance (6)
    Care for good health and high physical fitness of firefighters reduces the likelihood of them being injured during rescue and firefighting operations. The article presents issues related to the maintenance of physical fitness by firefighters regarding the requirements and their implementation, both in the country and abroad. Recommended forms of trainings leading to better professional preparation of firefighters were presented. Attention was drawn to the fact that there are no legal regulations in Poland regarding the method of conducting training by Fire Brigade officers that they should perform in order to maintain high physical fitness. Instead, the principle of annual checking of firefighters' fitness applies, and it is up to them whether and how they care about their physical condition.
  • Educational experiences of lecturers in working with students - report from the study (11)
    The educational environment is usually analyzed in terms of the needs of learners. However, educators' needs are no less important in the education process. a lecturer experiences a variety of personal and professional situations at work with a learning group. He appears not only as a teacher, but also as an employee. The teaching room is a place where various models of pedagogical work become reality, conditions conducive to professional self-realization or factors hindering it. The article presents the experience of lecturers in working with adult students. They focus on the education process from the point of view of its implementers. lecturers talk about the conditions of didactic work, its strengths and weaknesses, and about the meanings they attribute to it.
  • Motivating dialogue in the process of changing attitudes in the professional reintegration of people with disabilities and the elderly (16)
    The article describes the main principles of motivational dialogue and presents its advantages in the process of professional reintegration by using it in the adaptive support program. The ability to implement DM in the process of reintegration into employment can make it easier for people with disabilities to learn about their own potential, change their attitude towards their disability and increase their motivation to work.
  • Calculation methods for determining the sound insulation of double-layer soundproofing partitions (19)
    In reducing excessive noise, in particular at workplaces, soundproofing partitions are used, which can be used individually or used as a structural element of the walls of soundproofing and insulation enclosures. Knowledge of the acoustic parameters of such partitions is very useful at the design stage or forecasting the effectiveness of anti-noise solutions. Selected methods of calculating the sound insulation of single partitions, consisting of two layers of materials with soundproofing properties, are recalled in the article. In addition to using the mass law model and commercial software, a new approach has been proposed in calculating the insulation performance of individual heterogeneous double-layer partitions, consisting of modifying the well-known Davy model. The verification of calculation methods was carried out on the example of six rubber-metal plates whose sound insulation was determined in laboratory conditions as part of previous tests.
  • Thematic search in international information resources (23)
  • The Labor Protection Council at the Parliament of the Republic of Poland met
    • Information on professions as help in choosing a profession and employment (26)
  • 90th meeting of the Interdepartmental Committee on the Occupational Exposure Limits and Intensity of Harmful to Health Occupational Factors (28)
  • Latte notes (29)
  • Changes in law (30)
    • Technical requirements for natural gas stations – regulation
    • Medical examinations of candidates for post-primary or higher schools and for vocational qualification courses, pupils and students of these schools, students, vocational qualification course students and doctoral students - new regulation
  • Answering our readers' questions (31)
    • Does the Social Insurance Institution have and issue certificates of remuneration and employment, so-called ZUS Rp-7 when the workplace paid contributions to the Social Insurance Institution?
  • Reports from abroad (32)

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