Inspektor Pracy 2018/02

  • In the Parliament of the Republic of Poland (3)
    • A deserving inspector completes a mission
      During the first meeting this year, which took place on January 24, the Labor Protection Council agreed to dismiss Franciszek Grześkowiak from the function of the regional labor inspector in Zielona Góra in connection with his retirement.
  • News not only from the country (4)
    • Budget unchanged
    • About Podkarpacie for business
    • Inspection in the committee's work plans
    • For students
    • Record in "Know your rights at work"
    • "In the first job" manual
    • Saying goodbye to work
  • Recording of hours of order or service provision (6)
    The legislator, amending the Act on the minimum remuneration for work, on January 1, 2017, made changes in the scope of civil law contracts. The new regulations introduced above all the obligation to confirm the number of hours of execution of contracts of mandate and contracts for the provision of services and the payment of a minimum hourly rate from the implementation of these contracts.
  • Protection of the minimum hourly rate (part II) (10)
    There is a lot of doubt about the possibility of making deductions or carrying out executions from the minimum hourly rate. Knowledge of the legal nuances in this area is necessary in assessing whether the eligible person has been charged and paid the minimum rate in the correct amount, taking into account possible deductions, and also when it is necessary to decide on the offense. This assessment must take into account whether there is a minimum hourly rate.
  • The employee can not lose on a lump sum (15)
    Establishing a lump sum for overtime can not lead to the employee being deprived of remuneration for the work done. An employee whose employer has underestimated the salary for over-dimension work can effectively fight for due remuneration.
  • At BUDMA 2018 (17)
    Legal and technical advice provided by labor inspectors, multimedia presentations devoted to work safety at construction sites, direct talks with employees and employers have determined the presence of the National Labor Inspectorate at the BUDMA 2018 International Construction Fair, held from 30 January to 2 February 2018.
  • Employment as part of an individual business (20)
    In medical entities, various forms of employment can be found, from employment on the basis of an employment relationship or civil law contracts, to employment as part of an economic activity performed by a natural person.
  • Machine manual - requirements (part II) (24)
    The noise emission declaration only gives information on the participation of the machine in the generation of noise in the workplace. The level of worker exposure does not directly result from the manufacturer's noise emission declarations, as other factors also determine the operator's exposure.
  • From the archives of the "Labor Inspector"
    • For Labor Courts. Court Chronicle (30)
  • How to deal with manipulation at work? (32)
    Manipulation can be defined as influencing others by exploiting their weaknesses. As part of manipulation, one person is used by the other to achieve their own benefits.
  • Safety management and a serious accident at work (36)
    At the branch of one of the largest nationwide dairy cooperatives in the country, an accident occurred that resulted in serious bodily injury. Detailed analysis of the causes of the accident revealed a number of organizational violations and human errors.