Inspektor Pracy 2018/04

  • In the Parlament of the Republic of Poland
    • About OSH and social labor inspection (3)
      Cooperation in the OSH service and social labor inspectorate in order to ensure the implementation of the employer's tasks resulting from the Labor Code was the leading topic of the Labor Protection Council meeting which was held at the plenary meeting on March 19 this year. at the seat of the Parlament.
  • News not only from the country (4)
    • Legal barriers in PIP activities
    • Press conference at the Ministry of Labor
    • SLIC working groups
    • Visit of the Norwegian delegation
    • About a safe working environment
    • Information tools
    • Machine directive
  • With journalists about a trade ban (7)
  • Most stores did not trade on Sunday (7)
  • Northern labor inspection route (8)
    The program of bilateral cooperation between the labor inspectorates of Poland and Norway allowed for a better understanding of the working methods of our colleagues from the north. Although we work very much the same, we differ in details, and solutions taken in Norway can be transferred to our land, for the benefit of the state and citizens
  • Changes in the employment of temporary employees (part II) (12)
    Temporary employee during the period of work for the user's employer can not be treated less favorably in terms of working conditions and other conditions of employment than employees employed by this user employer in the same or similar job position.
  • With the media on Sunday trading (18)
  • The facts are to be included in the certificate (20)
    The dispute over correcting the content of the work certificate is not the right procedure for examining the merits of termination of employment by an employee due to a serious breach of duties by the employer
  • Medical examinations of employees in Austria (22)
    The article was created as a result of the author's participation in the exchange of labor inspectors, organized by SLIC in October 2017. During the one-week study visit in the Austrian city of Linz, inspections of plants where employees are exposed to harmful factors, in particular chemical factors, took place. The inspections were carried out in connection with the implementation of the SLIC campaign for 2017-2018 by the Austrian office regarding carcinogens and mutagens.
  • Aliens without permits (25)
    Employment legality checks carried out in December 2017 by inspectors of the District Labor Inspectorate in Gdańsk disclosed dozens of foreigners illegally employed by local employers.
  • Additional technical protection measures (26)
    We divide technical protective measures against mechanical risks into two main groups: separating means, i.e. covers and non-scalable means, i.e. other protective devices (so-called sensitive protective equipment). The third group of protective measures are the so-called supportive or complementary measures, also referred to as additional protective measures.
  • From the archives of the "Labor Inspector" (30)
  • Cooperation of labor inspectors with professional labor organizations (30)
  • Control of Olsztyn PGR (31)
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  • Deadly dangerous anchors (36)