Inspektor Pracy (Labor Inspector) 2018/08

  • Disturbing practices in facilities employing people with disabilities (6)
    Professional activity prevents social exclusion of people with disabilities, strengthens the feeling of their value, gives meaning to life. If conditions for professional development and raising qualifications are created for them, they often perform their assigned tasks much better. This is mainly due to the need to prove to yourself and others that despite their limitations they are able to earn a living on their own.
  • Apparentness of a contract of employment (10)
  • Deductions from wages and other benefits (12)
    Remuneration for work is the basic benefit that an employee is entitled to for the work performed. It protects the existence of an employee and his family, and therefore is subject to special protection, which does not allow to reduce the amount of remuneration received for work without an explicit provision of the Act or the employee's consent.
  • Risk reduction - supplementary protective equipment for machines (15)
    The task of supplementary protective measures is to reduce the risks associated with the use of machines, regardless of construction solutions, safe in themselves, technical protective measures (shields, protective devices) or information on use.
  • ITM Poland - Innovations - Technologies - Machines (18)
  • Unitarian training and specialization of labor inspectors (20)
    Specialization is one of the basic dimensions of each organization's structure, along with centralization, hierarchy and formalization. Specifies the division of labor between cells and positions in the organizational structure. In the National Labor Inspectorate for many years there has been an internal discussion on the extent to which specialization is to refer to control and supervisory activities of labor inspectors.
  • Instead of study, work in black (25)
  • Elite in the profession - an interview with the superintendent of work Jerzy Belt from the Regional Labor Inspectorate in Rzeszów (26)
  • Factory hygienists (30)
    Recently, occupational hygiene was something so detached from real life, such an indefinable nebula that only a smile of irony or pity aroused it.
  • You have to draw conclusions from this tragedy (31)
  • Forklift instead of scaffolding (32)
  • New releases (33)
  • Library (35)
  • Fatal head injuries (36)

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