Inspektor Pracy (Labor Inspector magazine) 2018/11

  • In the Parliament
    • Positive about the budget and candidates (3)
      The Labor Protection Council at its meeting on October 16 this year at the seat of Parliament considered the draft budget of the National Labor Inspectorate for 2019.
  • News not only from the country (4)
    • The parliamentary support of the draft budget
    • Labor Day Safety and Health Care
    • E-files of the employee are getting closer
    • Work standards
    • Polish inspector in Denmark
    • On dismissals and discrimination
    • Security in industry
  • Scope of social activities - practical remarks (7)
    If the leave allowance, due to its construction, is considered mandatory and the employee is entitled to claim payment, social benefits paid from the funds of the social benefits fund are not of that nature until the employer makes their decision about their payment. payment.
  • Amendments to the regulations regarding the disabled (12)
    New legal solutions, which came into force in the middle of this year, concern disabled employees, employees caring for disabled persons and employers. The purpose of these changes is, among other things, to create better working conditions for people reconciling their professional activity with the care of non-disabled family members.
  • Failed boss boss (16)
    The presence of an employee in the workplace without performing work, for example coming for the purpose of a medical certificate or in order to go to a company doctor, is not a "presence at work" during which the employer can effectively dismiss the employee - a decision of the Supreme Court.
  • On AGRO SHOW 2018 (17)
  • Bednary 2018 (18)
  • Metal grinding machines - Hazards and protective devices (20)
    A metal grinder is a machine tool intended for machining objects with abrasive tools. The grinding machine can perform grinding operations, i.e. finishing machining of the surface, which results in high dimensional and shape accuracy as well as low surface roughness and trimming operations.
  • Innovative and safe (24)
    By modernizing the farm, introducing organizational and technical changes, they always remembered solutions that would increase safety. This was appreciated by the Chief Labor Inspector and awarded to Sylwia and Mariusz Pawlak from Poddębice near Włocławek in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province, a special prize in this year's Safe Farm competition.
  • Work safety in agriculture - 87 years later (26)
  • Health promotion in companies (29)
    One of today's socio-economic trends is the growing interest of employers in employee health issues. This is due to many factors, including demographic and epidemiological changes.
  • After phone call (31)
  • Chronicle of the working day of the District Labor Inspectorate (31)
  • Supervisor of inspection adepts - an interview with superintendent Jan Kaproń from the District Labor Inspectorate in Kielce (32)
  • Library (35)
  • Collectible collector (36)

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