Lekarz Medycyny Pracy 2018/01

  • Review of new legal acts (1)
    • For the announcement of the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland of November 9, 2017 regarding the publication of a uniform text of the Public Health Act
    • Act of 24 November 2017 amending the act on mental health protection and some other acts
    • Act of 24 November 2017 amending the act on health services financed from public funds
    • Regulation of the Minister of Development and Finance of 22 December 2017 on the list of diseases and conditions related to the service in the Customs and Tax Service
    • Regulation of the Council of Ministers of December 21, 2017 on contributions for health insurance for farmers, their household members and people receiving old-age pensions or pensions
  • Act on basic health care (3)
    On November 20, 2017, the Act on basic health care of October 27, 2017 was announced. Article 1 of this Act states that it defines the goals and organization of primary care and the principles of ensuring the quality of healthcare services in the field of primary health care.
  • Diagnosis of occupational tuberculosis disease in a doctor (4)
    Under heading 26 of the occupational diseases list, there is a professional disease - infectious or parasitic diseases or their consequences, including pulmonary tuberculosis. For the diagnosis of this occupational disease, is the presence of a biological factor also during the work provided on the basis of civil law contracts, in the face of the simultaneous existence of a high probability of disease in the work environment? In such a case, is it necessary to set a specific date of infection, as well as to precisely specify the source of the infection?
  • Occupational hazards for welders - part 2. Health risk (7)
    Health risk is a concept that defines the probability of health effects that are negative for the employee, caused by such factors as: work organization (changeability, work in isolation); working methods (monotype, physical, mental or information overload); material conditions of the work environment (chemical, physical or biological factors); stressful situations.
  • Changes in mental health in Poland (12)
    The issue of mental health is a very important aspect of everyday social support practice. More and more activities are being undertaken to provide professional support to people with this type of illness. From January 2018, the Act of 24 November 2017 amending the Act on Mental Health Protection and certain other acts came into force.
  • Question to the Editor (15)