Monitor Prawa Pracy i Ubezpieczeń (Labor Law and Insurance Monitor) 2019/02

  • The topic of the number
    • New Social Security forms and codes effective from January 1, 2019.
  • You need to know about this!
    • Employees subject to pre-retirement protection obtained greater rights in the scope of protection against dismissal - a judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal
    • What new obligations have been imposed on employers employing debtors
    • On what form should be issued to the PIT-11 employee for 2018
    • What data should be provided to the insured in the annual information of ZUS IMIR
    • Valorisation of pensions and pensions from March 1, 2019.
    • How to make deductions from remuneration for work after the employee joins the PPK
  • The Office for the Protection of Personal Data explains
    • Is it necessary to obtain consent for the processing of personal data of authorized persons and members of their families for the purposes of granting benefits from zfśs?
  • They ask about it for the staff
    • How an employee who wants to take childcare leave should notify her employer
  • Comes with the number
    • Implementing regulations to the Labor Code 2019 with commentary - selection

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