Monitor Prawa Pracy (Labor Law Monitor) 2018/09

  • News
    • Participation in training by a trade union and an ad hoc activity
    • Using a business computer while working for private purposes as a discipline
    • Changes in the law
    • Draft amendments to legal acts
    • Title to be subject to social insurance by a member of the management board of a company conducting non-agricultural business activity, which concluded a management contract with that company
  • Articles
    • Severance pay paid to employees employed under fixed-term employment contracts
    • Normative construction of mobbing
    • Criminal liability for persistent or malicious entrusting to work in trade or activities related to trade
    • Temporary work reform in Germany - lex mala?
    • Problems with determining and implementing the bonus right
    • An employee performing work during a period of inability to work
    • Diversifying the basic salary of employees
    • Employer's liability for not paying for group employee insurance for the risk of death for the insured employee
    • "Wild Strike"

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