Monitor Prawa Pracy (Labor Law Monitor) 2018/12


  • News
    • Work on sick leave is the basis for termination of the contract without notice
    • Changes in the law
    • Draft amendments to legal acts
    • Wages on the antipodes
    • Remuneration regulations - nature, interpretation of content, entry into force and conditions of admissibility of annulment
  • Articles
    • The right to work of convicts and art. 10 RHODE
    • Presumption of the existence of an employment relationship and privileged illegally employed foreigners in the light of the constitutional principle of equality and prohibition of discrimination in labor law
    • Legal character and principles of determining remuneration for employee invention
    • Compensation for the employer in the event of unjustified termination of the employee's employment contract without notice
    • Disclosure of professional secrecy by an employee as the basis for dismissal
    • Unlawful termination of a contract of employment without notice
    • Determining the amount of remuneration for work during the period of being in an employment relationship
    • Protection of workers' safety and health

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