Monitor Prawniczy 2018/14

  •  News
    • Transformation of the cooperative ownership right to the flat into a separate ownership of the premises
    • Control of contractual provisions
    • Scope of conducting secondary operational control
    • A partner of a general partnership obliged to provide the data of the driver who was entrusted with the vehicle
    • Form of a construction contract
    • Contract of carriage
    • The scope of the term "spouse"
    • The right to be in a personal contact with the child
    • A loan agreement denominated in a foreign currency
  • Articles
    • People closely related in the meaning of MAR
    • The legal standing of the probation officer in the light of art. 69 KPC after the amendment of ZmKrkusu19
    • Negative verification of the fulfillment of the prerequisites of acquiring the status of the victim in the preparatory proceedings
    • A will in the form of an electronic document with a qualified electronic signature
    • Receivables silent of the assignee and the endorsee in restructuring proceedings
    • Repeal and annulment of the resolution of the general meeting of shareholders. Transparent rules for the dissimilar treatment of shareholders

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