Monitor Prawniczy (Law Monitor) 2019/09

  • News
    • Determination of the amount of compensation in the event of contributing to the damage
    • Debt takeover and mortgage
    • Claim of the insurer against the perpetrator of the accident
    • Rationale for entry on the list of legal advisors in the case of taking the legal counsel exam without a trainee advocate's apprenticeship
    • Diagnosis of occupational disease
    • Taxation of the sale of built-up land in the event of a decision on demolition
    • Breakdown of pro-family relief
    • Payment of outstanding contributions by the payer is not subject to personal income tax
    • A loan agreement denominated in a foreign currency
    • The right to family reunion
    • Refusal to collect waste by the Czech Republic from Poland
  • Articles
    • Mending enforcement fees according to the Act of 28/02/2018 on costs of bailiffs
    • Prohibition of substituting testimonies and explanations in criminal proceedings
    • The creditor's situation during the proceedings for the declaration of bankruptcy
    • The limitation period for criminal offenses being an act of cumulative legal qualification
    • Entrusting the processing of personal data

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