Monitor Prawniczy (Law Monitor) 2019/11

  • News
    • Valuation of participation units in the insurance capital fund
    • Termination of the employment contract for a legal adviser
    • Premises to interpret the administrative court's judgment
    • A clause determining the jurisdiction of the court
    • The principle of ne bis in idem
    • Exemption from the obligation to pay compensation
  • Articles
    • Amendment of the Administrative Procedure Code of February 21, 2019 regarding the protection of personal data
    • Lease agreement concluded on the basis of art. 41b of the Waste Act
    • Incidental control of the legality of acts of public authorities in processes concerning the protection of personal rights
    • Interpretation of civilian concepts on the ground of criminal law obligations to repair damage
    • Marital deception and violation of personal rights in the Supreme Court's case law
    • Death of the participant and suspension of the land and mortgage register proceedings
    • Providing security in proceedings against persons posing a threat to life, health or sexual freedom of other people

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