Monitor Prawniczy (Law Monitor) 2019/19

  • News
    • The right to cite does not include the preparation of press reviews containing scans of entire articles
    • Responsibility for using the plugin of a social networking site
    • Responsibility of Member States for the operation of national courts
    • Interrogating the victim again
    • Reimbursement by the insurer of costs for an expertise commissioned by the injured party or assignee
    • Parental child abduction
    • The deadline to lodge a complaint runs from the date of delivery of the decision of the authority to the party's representative
  • Articles
    • New rules of conduct after the amendment of the civil procedure
    • Filing a response to an objection in proceedings before the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland after the deadline set by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland and the possibility of discontinuing the proceedings
    • General provisions of the appeal procedure in the light of the amendment to the CCP
    • The procedure for awarding a public contract for carrying out author's supervision in the course of performing construction works
    • Granting an enforcement clause pursuant to art. 788 § 1 of the Code of Civil Procedure based directly on the law
    • Entry in the land and mortgage register and elements of legal action. Acquisition of pure use by way of a guarantee of public faith land and mortgage registers
    • Disposable and cognitive standards in the interpretation of contract law: case study (Article 703 CC)

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