Oxpaнa труда и социальная защита (Work Safety and Social Protection) 2018/9

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    • Work and salary
      On the eve of the centenary anniversary of the system of social protection of the population, it is necessary to note once again: the opportunity to get a job, to feel necessary and in demand is one of the most important conditions for the well-being of citizens of our country.
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    • Realities and perspectives
      The meeting of the Board of the State Labor Inspection Department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus (hereinafter referred to as the Department) summarized the work in January-June 2018. Issues of the state of occupational injuries with grave consequences, compliance with labor laws in organizations of the country were discussed. According to the Director of the Department, V. I. Sidorovich, today, in order to eradicate the identified deficiencies and violations, it is important to clearly identify all problem points. At the same time, the Department’s inspections should improve the quality of investigations of industrial injuries with serious consequences.
    • Potential for growth
      The most important indicators for the state and society, which were achieved in the first half of the year, were reviewed at the board of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus. Taking into account the results of purposeful work on solving problems related to employment, pay and labor protection, social and pension benefits, the board members decided on tasks for the near future.
    • Labor protection in organizations: practical aspects
      In this publication, we consider the requirements of regulatory legal acts (hereinafter referred to as NLA), including technical regulatory legal acts (hereinafter referred to as TNPA), to the formalization of the relationship between the employer and the employee under a civil law contract.
  • Security
    • Organization and safe work in the woodworking
      In accordance with clause 45 of Annex 1 to the Instruction on the procedure for training, internships, briefing and testing of employees working on labor protection issues, approved by Resolution No. 175 of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus dated November 28, 2008 (as amended and added. , hereinafter - Instruction No. 175), woodworking production refers to work with increased danger. And this means that in the workplace in this production there is always a risk of injury.
    • The road does not require victims
      Alas, someone stubbornly considers the road where he intends to drive or go. Even if you have to walk on the tracks As a result, we have sad statistics. According to the department of transport security and special programs of the Belarusian Railway, for 6 months of this year, 33 people were killed on the country's railways, and 19 were injured. If we compare it with the same period last year, the death toll has dropped by 5 and the injured - by 6 people. The total number of victims decreased from 63 to 52 people. But will this tendency be consolidated in the future - given the fact that the main cause of the emergency was the failure of victims to take personal security measures, the crossing of railway tracks in an unknown place? In addition, it is impossible not to notice: almost half of the victims (22 people) were in a danger zone in a state of intoxication.
  • Investigation and analysis
    • Law
      When performing work under a civil law contract, employers often violate the requirements of labor protection legislation, do not carry out or improperly control, as a result of which industrial accidents occur.
  • Academy of Labor Protection
    • The legal basis of labor in student groups
      This year marks the 55th anniversary of the activity of student construction teams of the Republic of Belarus, and next year marks the 60th anniversary of student construction teams in the USSR. For many, participation in student construction brigades has opened up opportunities to strengthen material well-being. But the main thing - student construction teams for many generations of young people were a school of patriotism, civic maturity, the basis for creating strong student teams.
    • What events and when should the policyholder notify
      Upon the occurrence of certain events, the policyholder for compulsory insurance against industrial accidents and occupational diseases must send a written notice to the separate subdivision.
  • Regions
    • Microclimate with a minus - safety with plus
      SOOO "Morozprodukt" - a company for the production of ice cream and the sale of fast-frozen vegetables is not only young, but also unique in its kind. It was created in Marina Gorka, in essence, from scratch with the participation of private, including foreign, capital based on modern technologies and the same approaches to the organization of occupational safety and workplace safety.
  • Documents
    • On the criteria for assessing the degree of risk for the appointment of a random inspection by the bodies and institutions that carry out state sanitary inspection
      At the end of 2017, strategic changes occurred in the country's legislation: a package of documents was adopted aimed at further

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