Praca i Zabezpieczenie Społeczne 2018/07

  • Long-term care services and coordination of social security systems in the EU
  • Collective disputes in the draft Code of collective labor law
  • Studies and studies
    • Social security law as a separate branch of law - conference report
  • Interpretation and practice
    • New employer's responsibilities as an administrator of personal data on the basis of the RODO - selected issues
    • The right of grandchildren to a survivor's pension
  • From the Supreme Court's case law
    • Entitlement of the employer to repeal the remuneration regulations and promotion of collective bargaining
    • Gloss to the judgment of the Supreme Court of 12 October 2017 (II PK 269/16) regarding the employer's right to waive the remuneration regulations
  • According to the National Labor Inspectorate
    • Holidays
  • New recipes
  • Indicators and social security contributions

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