Praca i Zabezpieczenie Społeczne (Work and Social Security) 2018/09

  • On the scope of coalition law in trade unions after the amendment of the union law of 5 July 2018
  • Legal controversy related to the determination of the contribution payer based on art. 38a of the Act on the social insurance system
  • Studies and studies
    • Lowering insurance premiums for some entrepreneurs since 2019 - criticizing the assumptions of the Act
  • Interpretation and practice
    • Free Sundays in Commerce - Basic Issues
    • Retirement provision for officers of uniformed and special formations in the light of the so-called Dec. 2016. Disciplinary Act. Selected issues
  • From the case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union
    • The concept of an enterprise controlling the employer - collective redundancies
  • From the Supreme Court's case law
    • Teachers' work time
  • According to the National Labor Inspectorate
    • Holiday leave after illness
  • New recipes
  • Indicators and social security contributions

Praca i Zabezpieczenie Społeczne (Work and Social Security) - full list