Promotor BHP 2018/05

We invite you to read the next edition of the "Promotor BHP". The theme of the issue is safe work in construction. The honorary editor of the issue was Ph.D (Eng.) Damian Hadryś (Silesian University of Technology), who discussed the topic of safe use of earthmoving machinery during construction works. In addition, the issue also includes: hazards at service stations, first aid in accidents at work in construction, construction site security. The number has been enriched with a review of reflective clothing.

  • Number subject
    • Safe use of earth moving machines during construction works (6)
      The law specifies the requirements for occupational health and safety during the operation of working machines for earthworks as well as construction and road works.
    • Excavation Note! On safety during earthworks (11)
      Excavations are earthen structures, belonging to the category of permanent or temporary structures, referred to as construction works, and works consisting in their performance are an indispensable and inseparable element of every newly created construction project.
  • Security - Risk assessment
    • Threats and safety during construction works - earthworks (14)
      Earthworks are one of the most dangerous activities performed during construction works. Such works include, for example, excavations made to build foundations of buildings, excavations for various types of installations.
  • Security – Work
    • Earthworks - safe working rules (17)
      Earthworks are defined as construction works consisting of mining, moving and laying natural soil according to geometrical shapes characteristic for a given building. In this type of work, it is extremely important to ensure proper protection of the construction site, in particular excavations and embankments.
    • An outline of the problem of occupational safety culture on the example of a selected enterprise (22)
      The presented article presents an outline of the problem of work safety culture. The factors determining the desired and unwanted safety culture are shown. In the conducted research, the selected company focused on such elements of shaping the safety culture as the environment and working conditions as well as the behavior and attitudes of employees.
    • Hazards at service stations (28)
      Probably most drivers at some point in their journey were forced to stop at a petrol station and refuel the vehicle with gasoline, diesel oil or gas. It turns out that in addition to the hazards present in the station, those completely obvious, related to fire, fire or explosion, the station's client as well as its staff are also exposed to other external factors, often independent of their behavior.
  • Safety – Emergency
    • First aid injured in accidents at work in construction (34)
      The goals of first aid are to protect life, relieve suffering, prevent further illness or injury, and help in getting back to health. The ILCOR First Aid Task Team in the First Aid Definition 2015 identified the need to recognize injury and illness, develop appropriate skills for first-aiders, and immediately provide the necessary help, and to call a medical emergency team or other services.
  • Security - Analysis of the accident
    • Youths in concrete (38)
      In a commercial and service facility in the province Warmian-Masurian came to a bizarre event that could end with the death of a 16-year-old worker.
  • Security – Checklist
    • Safety of earthworks - deep excavations (42)
      In the text, the author focused on describing safety rules in the case of earthworks and presented a checklist.
  • Security – Work
    • Protective goggles with corrective action - design requirements and selection rules (46)
      The article presents the requirements for the construction of prescription spectacles with protective effect and recommendations regarding the selection of these glasses for hazards of hazardous factors occurring at workplaces.
  • Aspects of the court expert's work
    • Construction security (51)
      The author analyzed an accident that occurred through improper security of the construction site. The article indicates how to ensure safety during earthworks to minimize the risk of accidents.
  • Letters to the Editor
    • Question from the reader (55)
      Unusual situations at work do not happen rarely. How to solve troublesome issues that are not regulated in a way that is beyond doubt?
  • Comparative review
    • Comfort, quality, safety - protective workwear for demanding clients (56)
      Companies attach more and more importance to what clothing their employees use. It is connected with raising work standards and creates a good opinion about the company. High quality clothing becomes a showcase and builds a good brand of the company. Ready imported workwear from the Far East is no longer as popular as it was a few years earlier.
    • Comparative review of reflective clothing (58)
  • Events (64)