Promotor (Health and safety promoter) BHP 2018/09

The leading theme of the latest issue is safety in the chemical industry. The issue also includes a unique review of corporate clothing. In addition to articles related to the chemical industry, we suggest reading other texts created by professionals from various fields.

  • Number subject
    • Characteristics of organic peroxides (6)
      The term & quot; organic peroxides & quot; refers to peroxides both in pure form as well as in dissolved form. Organic peroxides are in solid, liquid or paste form.
  • Risk assessment
    • Occupational health and safety when using chemical substances and preparations (12)
      Exposure to a chemical agent occurs practically in all branches of the economy. Chemical substances occur in technological processes, where they are produced and processed, but they are also used during work, which means that employees have contact with them and are exposed to their effects.
  • Security – Work
    • Accidents at work while using chemicals (22)
      The fact is that in every large and small company chemical substances are used, and what and how much depends on the type of business. During the analysis of a long-term work of a health and safety worker, the author met with many accidents when using chemical substances.
    • BIOZ in the construction investment process - etymology and legal regulations for safety and health at work in construction (26)
      Since the beginning of his existence, man has been trying to satisfy needs as far as his intellectual and material capabilities are concerned. During the development of human thought emerged many areas dealing with the description and analysis of human activity, directed at the creation of new material goods. The collection of these sciences was called ergology (from the Greek word ergo meaning work and action), which covered the issues of work safety.
  • Protective and work clothing
    • Comfortable winter clothing for demanding (36)
      The selection of appropriate personal protective equipment is not easy, especially if there are many different alternatives on the market. So let's answer the basic questions. What to look for at the stage of constructing clothing? Are all nonwovens warming work clothes similar?
  • Corporate clothing
    • Corporate clothing (40)
      Review of corporate clothing
  • Safe production
    • Technical measures applied to the safety of packaging machines (42)
      In the 21st century, the progress of civilization has contributed to the development of technology and the expansion of human capabilities in various fields of science. In today's industrial plants, more and more automated and complicated workplaces are created, thanks to which the efficiency of performed tasks is at a high level and time is saved to a large extent.
  • Security - Threat Prevention
    • Limiting professional noise exposure by organizational methods (50)
      Among the methods of combating harmful effects of noise on people in the work environment, organizational methods, also known as administrative methods, have the least "popularity".
  • Good practices
    • Good OHS practices at Raben Group (62)
      The Raben Group is a family-owned logistics company, employing almost 10,000 employees in 12 European markets. From the point of view of Health and Safety, the company has to deal with two main processes - transport and storage of goods. One of the goals of responsible business in Raben Group is care for health and safety.
  • Law
    • RODO and the matter of health and safety - regulations in the field of post-accident proceedings (66)
      In connection with the entry into force of 15th May 2018 of new provisions on the protection of personal data, including Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data the free flow of such data and the repeal of Directive 95746 / EC (RODO) and related amendments to the Labor Code, the question arises as to what impact these changes have on the manner of implementing health and safety obligations.

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