Promotor BHP (Health and safety promoter) 2018/10

The leading theme of the latest issue is safe metalworking. In addition to articles related to the editorial department, the issue also includes texts created by professionals from other fields, eg. in the field of law or psychology.

  • The topic of the number
    • Safe metalworking (6)
      Metalworking is a technological process whose aim is to change the physical and chemical properties of metals using one or more known methods of machining. One of them is, among others, manual or machine machining.
  • Security - Risk assessment
    • Occupational risk assessment for work as a welder (14)
      The basic tasks of a welder include the preparation and assembly of metal structures. His work takes place both indoors and outdoors.
  • Security – Checklist
    • Checklist for the safety of welding work (20)
      Prepared on the basis of: Regulation of the Minister of Economy of April 27, 2000 on occupational health and safety at welding works and the Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of September 26, 1997 on general health and safety at work regulations.
  • Safe Production
    • Selected safety components of numerically controlled machine tools (24)
      As you know, every machine is dangerous, more accurately - the use of any machine is burdened with a risk, which is obviously bigger or smaller, depending on many factors (the type of machine is the main).
  • Promotional article
    • Hoffmann Group offers a complete package of personal protective equipment throughout Europe (32)
      In the autumn of 2017, the Hoffmann Group entered the European market for personal protective equipment along with a complete assortment and advisory services. This enables the acquisition of high-quality tools, factory equipment and personal protective equipment from a single source.
  • Respiratory protection
    • Effective protection of the respiratory system during welding (34)
      Equipment for respiratory protection should be used in workplaces where there is a risk of inhalation of harmful aerosols, gases or vapors and their mixtures in concentrations exceeding the acceptable hygiene standards (they can also be caused by insufficient oxygen in the breathing air).
  • Security – Work
    • Logistics in the machining process - cutting (38)
      Many machining processes take place in the production of machined parts. There are two ways to implement them. Adoption of the micro model in order to obtain the maximum ability in metal cutting assumes basing it on the proportional optimization of one tool in one operation. This is usually the chosen approach, which excludes the recognition of the production process from a broader perspective, as is the case in macro models. In the latter case, more emphasis is put on the time of production of the particular element to be processed.
    • Place of BIOZ in the investment process in construction (42)
      Construction as a field of human activity involving the construction of buildings was associated with every historical epoch. The tasks of modern construction include: erection of new construction objects and reconstruction, reconstruction, modernization and maintenance of existing facilities, as well as their demolition in cases when they do not meet technical requirements (eg safety) or for other reasons.
  • Security - law
    • Changes in the employment of foreigners from July 1, 2018 (48)
      On July 1, 2018, a regulation concerning the simplification of the procedure of issuing work permits in 289 occupations entered into force. For foreigners, this means a shorter waiting time to start working, and for employers - shortening the time needed to acquire a foreigner to work in certain occupations. Regardless of the opinions emerging on the solutions introduced, in the face of reported recruitment problems and the need to support employment of foreigners, the changes are enjoyed by both employers and the stakeholders themselves.
  • Aspects of the court expert's work
    • The court's polemic in the scope of occupational health and safety with the plaintiff's attorney regarding an accident at work (54)
      In a criminal trial, evidence from an expert opinion is carried out when there are circumstances whose identification (examination) requires special information. This is very important evidence, but it should be pointed out that contrary to the common (wrong) view, by law, it is not more important than other evidence, nor is it given the value of full convincingness.
  • Psychology
    • Professional stress - causes, consequences, prevention (64)
      One of the basic goals of safety management is to protect human health and life. Therefore, one of the most important elements of management is the elimination of occupational stress from the workplace.
  • Events
    • ENERGETAB 2018 The largest power industry trade fair (72)
      11-13 September in Bielsko-Biała for over 35 thousand The exhibition space of 712 exhibitors from around the world presented the most modern devices, equipment and technologies for the power industry.

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