Promotor BHP (Health and safety promoter) 2018/11

The theme of the issue is the safety of a motor vehicle mechanic. The honorary editor of the issue was Damian Habryś, who is the author of the article "Protective gloves - selection for mechanical hazards". An additional supplement to the number is a unique review of gloves protecting against mechanical risks. We encourage you to read all the articles, which include, among others, the following texts: Occupational risk assessment for a refinisher, Sources of noise inside the car booth, RODO and health and safety trainings.

  • The topic of the issue
    • Safety at work mechanics of motor vehicles (6)
      The mechanical-electric car workshop is a quite specific workplace, where a range of various types of threats is present. They usually come from the means of transport itself, from the equipment of the facility or from the technological operation being carried out.
  • Risk assessment
    • Occupational risk assessment for work carried out by a car refinisher (16)
      The employer can classify his painting work for particularly dangerous work under the provisions of the Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of September 26, 1997 on general health and safety at work. It should be added that the varnish products, solvents, thinners, cleaning and degreasing agents used should have safety data sheets of a hazardous substance or mixture. Employees should be acquainted with the records of these cards.
  • Safe production
    • Automated assembly stations - a new challenge for security (24)
      Let's start our deliberations by recalling the definition of the Lean Manufacturing concept that is currently making great care. Mass introduction of this philosophy and production areas necessarily must have a significant impact on people and their safety. However, it should not be assumed a priori that it is a negative effect.
  • Personal protection
    • Noise inside the vehicle cab (30)
      The noise inside the vehicle cabin in terms of the parameters that characterize it is no different from the noise we are exposed to in the work and life environment. This is why, as part of the noise exposure assessment of drivers, typical criteria contained in specific legal acts are applied.
  • Ergonomics
    • Occupational loads of a fitter working on a conveyor belt (40)
      Professional work is performed in conditions with different levels of exposure to adverse physical, chemical and psychosocial factors. Formally defined work positions, and sometimes also activities performed on them, also differ in the level of requirements for employees, their skills, as well as the scope of control.
  • Law
    • RODO and the matter of health and safety - trainings (46)
      The employer, while allowing the employee to work, must be sure that the employee has the required qualifications, necessary skills and the necessary knowledge of the regulations and health and safety rules that allow him to perform work in a given position.
  • Aspects of the court expert's work
    • Mechanic's entry into the car trailer causing the accident (52)
      An unusual accident that occurred on the maneuvering square should be a warning for those who neglect certain occupational activities, wrongly believing that they are not burdened with any threat. The example shows that even seemingly simple actions require caution.
  • Overview
    • Protective gloves - selection for mechanical hazards (58)
      In many workplaces, the performance of duties is related to the worker's exposure to mechanical risks. These hazards have certain special features.
    • Gloves protecting against mechanical risks (62)
  • Events
    • II National Forum of Health and Safety Service (72)
      The II National Forum of Health and Safety Service "Safety in the World 4.0", held on 1-2.10.2018, gathered 250 participants - representatives of OSPS BHP branches from all over Poland, representatives of the OSH BHP non-OSH and representatives of the world of science and business.
  • Flash
    • Album fire trucks - an exceptional publication! (74)

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