Promotor BHP (Health and safety promoter) 2018/12

The main topic of the publication, whose honorary editor was dr inż. Jerzy Obolewicz, safe work at heights. In the issue, among others: a checklist of construction works; risk assessment for an employee working at heights; company's risk in managing occupational health and safety; Safety and Health at Work instruction; factory defect causing a collective accident at work; storage and electronicisation of personnel documentation; an appraisal experiment and inspection of the accident site.

  • The topic of the issue
    • Safe work at heights in construction. BIOZ in the construction investment process (6)
      Work at heights is one of the more dangerous ones. Many different hazards must be taken into account in the preparation of a safety and health plan. Therefore, it is necessary to learn about standards, patterns, legal conditions or procedures to ensure safe working conditions.
  • Checklist
    • Checklist of construction works (14)
      Before starting construction works, first of all, you need to take care of organizational and technical matters. You have to remember, among others on preparing a risk assessment, documenting this assessment and familiarizing it with employees - in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of September 26, 1997 on general safety regulations issued on the basis of the Labor Code Act of June 26, 1974.
  • Risk assessment
    • Risk assessment for an employee working at heights (20)
      By working at heights, in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of September 26, 1997 on general occupational health and safety regulations as amended, it is understood that work is carried out at least 1 m above floor or ground level.
  • Work safety
    • Enterprise risk in managing occupational safety and health (28)
      The risk of running an enterprise is also reflected in the management of occupational safety and health. The statutory obligation to counteract occupational diseases and accidents at work was imposed on the employer by the provisions of the Labor Code.
    • Work Safety and Hygiene Instruction. One of the elements of work safety in the plant (36)
      Every employee at the workplace, regardless of the activities performed, has instructions or even a few instructions describing how to perform a given step by step with the observance of safety rules.
  • Analysis of the accident
    • Factory defect causing a collective accident at work (40)
      As a result of detachment of the platform column from the vehicle platform, three workers were injured in the installation of lighting columns. The inspector of the National Labor Inspectorate investigating the incident stated that the cause of the accident was the sloppy execution of welds by the platform manufacturer.
  • Good practices
    • Raising the level of work culture and Occupational Safety and Health at Timken Polska Sp. z o.o. in Sosnowiec (44)
      At the Timken Polska plant in Sosnowiec, modern techniques have been introduced to improve the level of work culture and Occupational Safety and Health. We want to bring readers closer to different management systems, Timken TSO's activities, methods of communication between staff and employees, the work of the Social Labor Inspectorate, observations of PBS and the functioning of the emergency medical services section.
  • Law
    • Storage and electronicisation of personnel documentation. New obligations from January 1, 2019 (52)
      On 1 January 2019, the revised provisions will come into force in connection with the shortening of the period of storage of employee files and their electronicisation. The 50-year archiving period will cease to apply and the rules for submitting information to the Social Insurance Institution will change.
  • Aspects of the court expert's work
    • The fall from the tanker. An appraisal experiment and inspection of the accident site (56)
      The expert, when preparing the opinion, can perform a visual inspection of the place and make photographic documentation, if there is a basis for it, ie the decision of the procedural body.
  • Events
    • Conference of the Health and Safety Promoter "Human factor and shaping safety" (62)
      This year's conference "Human factor and shaping safety" took place on 22-24 October in Włoszakowice. The event was organized by the editorial staff of the "Promotor BHP" journal. The honorary patronage of the conference was taken by the Higher Mining Office, and the host was KGHM Polska Miedź.
    • Work safety - new directions (66)
      The Katowice branch of the National Association of Workers of the Occupational Safety and Health Service organized on November 23 this year. conference entitled "Work Safety - New Directions."

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