Promotor BHP (Health and safety promoter) 2019/01-02

Catalog edition of the "Promotor of Health and Safety" magazine. "Presentations 2019" were created for people who are responsible for the selection and purchase of personal protective equipment. The products included in it are assigned to individual departments, which facilitates a quick search for the necessary personal protection equipment. This is the 21st edition of the catalog!

  • Personal protection
    • Hearing protectors. Selection and use (10)
      The hearing protection must be properly selected and used in order to properly fulfill its function and provide the actual protection of the employee against hearing loss. Currently, there are three standardized methods for the selection of hearing protectors.
    • Cut resistant gloves. Change of test method according to PN-EN 388: 2017 (22)
      Glove resistance tests were carried out based on the PN-EN 388: 2006 standard. However, there was a need to adapt them to new technical solutions, which were presented in the PN-EN 388: 2017 standard. The most important change concerns the cut resistance test.
    • Individual protection means intended for work at heights (26)
      PPE protecting against falls from heights is included in individual protection measures of complex construction (3rd category). Therefore, an absolute requirement in the event of a fall hazard is to provide employees with anti-collision and anti-trauma devices.
    • Employee's role and risk assessment in the selection of PPE (32)
      Employees' participation in the selection of personal protective equipment is necessary to ensure an adequate level of security. We present the requirements of PPE and show how important it is to evaluate the individual protection measures used.
  • Face and head protection (37)
  • Breathing poultry protection (38)
  • Protection of upper limbs (41)
  • Protection of the lower limbs (53)
  • Protective and work clothing (67)
  • Fall protection from height (82)
  • Safe and other tools (87)
  • Measurement and detection (90)
  • Training, certification, services (91)
  • First Aid (93)
  • Collective protection (94)

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