Promotor BHP (Health and safety promoter) 2019/03

The theme of the issue is safe work with chemicals. Ryszard Bryła became the editor-in-chief. The issue also includes the following texts: ADR adviser's duties, occupational risk assessment, OHS training after changes, construction and selection of eye and face protection, employee awareness in the field of OHS compliance, information obligation towards the employee on the length of documentation retention employee.

  • The topic of the issue
    • Chemical breakdowns. Safety in the chemical industry (8)
      The legal regulations introduced in the field of chemical safety are, among others, reaction to major industrial failures that have occurred in the modern world. Established Directive 2012/18 / EU on the control of major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances, called the Seveso III Directive.
    • Safe handling of caustic materials (13)
      How to protect against corrosive substances and mixtures? We characterize the most frequently used caustic materials as well as their storage, transport and disposal. We also approximate how safe work with corrosive materials in the laboratory should look like.
  • Work safety
    • Responsibilities of the ADR adviser (20)
      On every enterprise whose activity involves the transport of dangerous goods and packaging, loading, filling or unloading associated with dangerous goods on the so-called full ADR, it is the responsibility of appointing an adviser on safety in the transport of hazardous materials.
  • Risk assessment
    • Occupational risk assessment of a service employee - cleaners / cleaners (26)
      Work involving a chemical agent is any work in which a chemical agent is used or intended to be used, so it should be included in the risk assessment of a servicing employee.
    • Health and safety training after changes (32)
      Training in the field of occupational health and safety is one of the basic obligations of the employer. We advise you on how to conduct health and safety trainings correctly and when they are not a necessity.
  • Personal protection
    • Design and selection of eye and face protection (37)
      The article discusses the construction, protective parameters and the rules for the selection of eye and face protection measures against harmful and dangerous agents present in enterprises.
  • Overview of eye and face protection
  • Good practices
    • It is important to build employee awareness in the area of OHS compliance (52)
      Interview with Zenon Kozendra, member of the PKP Carbo Board, who oversees the health and safety area.
  • Law
    • Obligation to inform the employee about the length of retention of employee documentation. Selected problems (56)
      Employees employed from January 1, 2019 and dismissed after this date should receive from the employer information on the period of storing employee documentation, the date of its receipt and destruction. What about employees previously employed, for whom the employer is obliged to keep employee records for 50 years?
  • Psychology
    • Types of personality and functioning at work (60)
      Using the description of people such as gentleness, passivity, noisiness, aggressiveness, ambition, loyalty or sociability, we categorize according to psychological characteristics. Personality is therefore a combination of psychic traits that we use in the classification of an individual.
  • Events
    • Branch OSPSBHP Katowice - Mining and construction industry (64)
      On January 24, 2019, the activity of the Katowice branch of the National Association of Workers of Health and Safety Services, which brings together the mining and construction industries, was inaugurated at the Central Mining Institute. The seminar organized for this occasion was devoted to the security of these industries.
    • 19th Fair of Safety, Industrial Hygiene and Fire Protection (65)
      Occupational Health and Safety Fair in Katowice is a tradition. The nineteenth edition, which will take place from April 2 to April 4, 2019 at the International Congress Center, is addressed to companies consciously caring about safety in the work environment and to producers and distributors from the industry. The fair was covered by prestigious honorary patrons: Chief Labor Inspector, Higher Mining Office, Office of Technical Inspection, Central Mining Rescue Station and Polish Association of Workers of Health and Safety Services.
  • Flash
    • Training spring with Axon Media. It's worth being here! (66)

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