Promotor BHP (Health and safety promoter) 2019/04

The main topic of the issue is the first premedical help at the workplace. The magazine includes articles on, among others, changes in the post-accident report, the organization of an effective first-aid system, a new version of the SCC standard, fire-resistant clothing for firemen. The edition has been enriched with the special edition of "Welder's safe work", where you can read about the ergonomics of welding work, welder's personal protection measures and accidents at welding works.

  • The topic of the issue
    • Accident at work. Amendments to the post-accident report (8)
      Work is underway to change the pattern of the protocol for determining the circumstances and causes of an accident at work. This is due to the fact that it should be adapted to the current legal provisions. The existing protocol forms will be available until December 31, 2019.
    • Organization of an effective first aid system at the workplace (18)
      The article is intended to facilitate the assessment of whether the existing procedures in a given organization have a chance to work properly in situations of health and life threatening. It also indicates the most important elements on which to focus, wanting to create an effective first aid system.
  • Work safety
    • The new version of the SCC standard (26)
      A new version of the SCC standard has been in force since 2018. One of the reasons for the change was greater transparency and reliability of the contractor chain. We present the most important differences in requirements between SCC 2008 and SCC 2017.
  • Personal protection
    • Fire-resistant clothing for firefighters. Parameters and requirements (32)
      The firefighter's protective clothing should be made of high quality materials to provide an effective cover against any external factors that threaten health or life. In the article, we introduce the types of protective clothing.
  • Risk assessment
    • Occupational risk assessment at the falconer's position in the printing house (36)
      What occupational risk does the work of a falcker bring? We present the threats to which workers performing physical work are exposed, including manual transport work.
  • Law
    • Supplementary claims sought by an employee before the Labor Court (42)
      An employee who has an accident at work is entitled to appropriate claims to compensate him for the damage. The exception is the situation in which the accident occurred due to the fault of the person employed.
  • Aspects of the court expert's work
    • The state of drunkenness of the teacher in kindergarten and direct exposure to the danger of another person (45)
      Kindergarten is an educational and upbringing institution dealing with care and upbringing. It is also a building where pupils live together with the staff. What happens when the latter fails?
  • Special addition - Safe work of the welder
    • Ergonomics of welding works (54)
      The article characterizes one of the most commonly used variations of welding techniques, which is electric arc welding. Also, hazards in the welder's work were also pointed out and the activities that could improve it were pointed out.
    • Welder's personal protective equipment. Current status and development prospects (60)
      Welding is a connection method known for many years. Progress and development are constantly observed in it. There is therefore a real need for continuous care for the welder's safe and hygienic work conditions, which can be ensured by properly selected personal protective equipment.
    • Accidents at welding work (68)
      The article describes three accidents that occurred while performing welding work. Their circumstances and reasons were examined by inspectors of the National Labor Inspectorate. Could you avoid them?
  • Events
    • Meeting OSPSBHP O / Katowice in Wałbrzych (75)
      At the beginning of March, the OSPSBHP branch in Katowice organized a three-day training session. Its participants visited the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland plant in Wałbrzych and had a practical first aid course.
    • Technical Conference "Reliability and Maintenance" (75)
      Representatives and employees of production plants wanting to constantly improve and optimize their businesses will meet at a conference combined with practical workshops that will take place on 22 May in Szczecin.

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