Promotor BHP (Health and safety promoter) 2019/06

The main topic of the new issue is the fire safety of buildings. In the newspaper, articles were published concerning, among others: fire-fighting services, duties of the health and safety service, and instructions for safe execution of construction works. The edition has been enriched with the special "Safe production", in which you can read about the inefficient production line, accidents in production plants and supplementary technical means.

  • The topic of the number
    • Fire safety of buildings (8)
      Buildings and all devices connected with them should be designed and constructed in such a way as to prevent a fire. What arrangements should the owners or building managers follow?
    • Fire-fighting operations (18)
      According to the Ministry of the Environment, the lack of a regulation is not an obstacle to the preparation of a fire service. Persons who commission its implementation must therefore rely on the knowledge and experience of persons authorized to draw it.
  • Work safety
    • Instructions for Safe Execution of Construction Works (22)
      The obligation to draw up the Safe Construction Work Manual rests with the works manager or employer. Its aim is to prevent hazards associated with the performance of construction works.
    • Responsibilities of health and safety service (28)
      An employer employing more than 100 employees creates a health and safety service called the "health and safety service". If he has been trained in the field of performing his tasks, he may in some cases implement them on his own.
    • 230 B. Deadly dangerous voltage (34)
      The article draws attention to the threat and risk associated with the most popular electrical voltage. Accidents that occur in this area are mainly caused by the lack of supervision over the electrical installation.
  • First aid
    • First aid kits. Number, arrangement, equipment (37)
      First aid kits are an essential element of the first aid system in the workplace. If they are not well equipped and the employees' knowledge of their location is negligible, it will be impossible to provide adequate felling aid.
  • Good practices
    • Culture of ZERO accidents (42)
      Carlsberg Polska attaches great importance to ensuring the safety of employees. Two years ago, the Group announced a new strategy for sustainable development under the name "Together Towards ZERO". One of its goals is to strive for the ZERO culture of accidents.
  • Events
    • Construction Safety Week (46)
      On May 13-19, 2019, we celebrated Construction Safety Week. It was already the sixth edition of the nationwide campaign increasing safety on Polish construction sites, thanks to which the number of accidents steadily decreased.
  • Special addition - Safe production
    • Faulty production line causes accident at work (50)
      It is the employer's obligation to provide employees in the workplace with properly adapted machines and to implement such solutions that would minimize the risks associated with their use.
    • Supplementary technical means for protection against mechanical risks (60)
      Emergency stop devices are counted as additional protective measures. The criterion for the necessity of sudden stoppage of the machine's work is the size of the threat. Are there other ways to ensure safe machine operation?
    • Accidents in production plants (68)
      The article analyzes three accidents that took place while performing work in production plants. Lack of proper training of employees and ignorance of the operating instructions of a given machine were the main reasons for their occurrence.

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