Promotor BHP (Health and safety promoter) 2019/10

The latest issue of the OHS Promoter includes, among others articles on: the state of OSH in Poland, safe transport of hazardous materials, ergonomics of manual transport, safety in areas at risk of explosion, assessment of occupational risk as a warehouseman, the latest changes in OSH regulations and secure warehouses at GKN Automotive.

  • Find a specialist - business cards
    • Find a specialist - Polish PPE producers (8)
      Presentation of the producers of personal protective equipment
  • Number of issue
    • Health and safety status in Poland (10)
      The number of victims and the overall accident rate have decreased compared to last year - this is the information on the CSO website. In the first quarter of 2019, 2 out of every million employed people suffered a fatal accident at work.
  • Risk assessment
    • Assessment of occupational risk as a warehouseman (24)
      A warehouseman is a person who performs tasks related to warehouse management. It accepts and releases goods, performs manual transport works, including the use of hand pallet trucks and motorized trucks. We present the occupational risk assessment for this position.
  • Work safety
    • Safe transport of hazardous materials (32)
      Road safety, especially when transporting dangerous goods, is a very important element for every traffic participant and the natural environment. In the article we discuss, among others fire fighting equipment for vehicles.
    • Improvement of OHS management systems, taking into account the requirements of PN-ISO 54001: 2018-06. Part III (38)
      In the next part of the PN-ISO 45001: 2018-06 series we explain issues related to: leadership and commitment of management, health and safety policy, responsibility and authority in the organization as well as consultations, as well as employee participation.
    • Safety in potentially explosive areas (44)
      The article presents one of the most dangerous natural hazards occurring in coal mine excavations, which is coal dust explosion. Methods of preventive actions are also given to minimize the risk of its occurrence.
  • Ergonomics
    • Ergonomics of work in manual transport (50)
      When carrying out manual transport work, there are a few important health and safety rules to remember. They were included in the Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of March 14, 2000 on occupational health and safety for manual transport work, as amended, including the latest, from April 2017.
  • Good practices
    • Secure warehouses at GKN Automotive (56)
      The GKN Automotive Group is a leading company in the technology and engineering industry. Dagmara Polowczyk - HSE Director GKN Automotive, Driveline - talks with Małgorzata Wo-łoch-Lach about security management in the logistics department.
  • Aspects of the work of an expert witness
    • No instructions for safe handling when emptying the fire silo (62)
      An explosion of wood dust can have very serious consequences, so appropriate safeguards should be used. In this article, the author analyzes what can happen if there are no instructions when emptying the fire silo.
  • Law
    • Recent Health and Safety changes (70)
      In 2019, many changes in the provisions of the Labor Code in the field of OHS entered into force. One of them is the new model accident report, which does not include the requirement for the employer's seal to be present.
  • Events
    • Regional Experience Exchange - Making Health and Safety Training more attractive (74)
      The Regional Exchange of Experience in the field of methods of conducting and making health and safety training more attractive, which took place on August 30-31, became one of the most important industry events of 2019, and all thanks to excellent cooperation, among others 11 OSPSBHP branches.
  • Flash
    • Industry events for specialists in October! (76)
      The new season of Axon Media Technical Conferences has begun. After the first trainings in Olsztyn and Opole, it's time for more cities. Where will the leaf specialties meet this time?

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