Promotor BHP (Health and safety promoter) 2019/12

In the latest issue of the "Health and Safety Promoter" the main topic is safe work at low temperatures. You can also find articles on, among others, occupational risk assessment in the position of a nurse, snow removal from flat roofs of buildings, protective gloves in a cold work environment, and creating pro-safe behavior of company employees. The twelfth issue of the "Health and Safety Promoter" has also been enriched with a review of shoes with a reinforced toe cap.

  • Subject of issue
    • Safe work at low temperatures (8)
      Work at low temperatures is classified as work under arduous conditions. In accordance with art. 232 of the Labor Code, the employer is obliged to provide free drinks and meals at work in adverse conditions for the human body.
  • Risk assessment
    • Occupational risk assessment as a nurse (14)
      The profession of a nurse involves a lot of responsibility. Persons undertaking work in this position are also exposed to a number of threats. In the article we present the occupational risk assessment for nurses.
  • Work safety
    • Compliance with health and safety at universities (20)
      The article presents one of the changes related to fire protection contained in § 2 item 1-b of the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education on how to ensure safe and hygienic working and education conditions at the university.
    • Improvement of OHS management systems, taking into account PN-ISO 45001: 2018-06 - part V (24)
      The organization should constantly improve the usefulness, adequacy and effectiveness of the OHS management system, inter alia, by promoting a culture that supports the aforementioned system. We present the last part of the cycle regarding the PN-ISO 45001: 2018-06 standard.
    • Exploitation of construction works in winter. Snow removal from flat roofs of buildings (32)
      The roof is the highest structural part of the building. All works taking place on the roof are treated as works performed at height. So what should be done to safely clean the roofs of flat buildings?
    • Creating employee-safe behavior in an enterprise (38)
      The article presents the characteristics of the process of motivating employees to work safely in the company. Discussed, among others general approach to this process and such instruments as the possibility of promotion or participation.
  • Personal protection
    • Gloves for protection in a cold work environment (46)
      In order to protect against the negative effects of low temperature, employees should be provided with appropriate heat-protective clothing (clothing, footwear, gloves). What materials are used in the construction of gloves? What standards describe the requirements for them?
  • Comparative review
    • Overview of shoes with reinforced toes (51)
  • Accident Analysis
    • Electric shock at train station (64)
      An employee of a construction company was electrocuted during the construction of platforms of the railway station near Olsztyn. The main reason for the accident was that the works manager tolerated a dangerous method of pouring concrete mix with the use of a pump boom near an active traction network.
  • Aspects of the work of an expert witness
    • Non-adjustment of the machining center causing an accident at work (68)
      Due to the lack of inventory of the machining center, a serious accident occurred in which an employee was killed. However, it is not possible to identify one specific person responsible for failure to comply with the obligations.
  • A voice from the industry
    • Can a modern behapist put you in jail? (76)
      "After the accident, you should not blame the employee, only the system" - such words fell on the training conducted by Dr. Jennet Arshimova. In this column, the author wonders to what extent this sentence contributes to the development of the security system, and to what extent it poses a personal threat to the company's president.
  • Events
    • A + A record trade fairs! (78)
      The 36th edition of the world health and safety fair is behind us. On November 5-8, 2019, all eyes in Düsseldorf were focused on occupational health and safety. In these days, visitors from all over the world met to get an overview of the latest trends and products.
    • What's new next year? Technical conferences 2020 (82)
      The second half of 2019 is coming to an end. What does Axon Media plan for the next season? What topics will be discussed and in which cities will specialists meet? The first Technical Conferences will be held in February 2020.

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