Promotor BHP (Health and safety promoter) 2020/03

In the latest issue of the OHS Promoter, the subject of the issue is safe metalworking. In the March issue appeared, among others articles regarding: risk assessment at an anodizing plant, welding filters, improvement of safety during the operation of heating infrastructure, safety culture at DHL Parcel, new OHS regulations when servicing energy devices and amendments to the Regulation on chemical substances. The edition has been enriched with a review of protective gloves.

  • Subject of the issue
    • Worker safety during metal machining (8)
      Regardless of the type and complexity of machining technologies, all activities should be aimed at creating safe and hygienic working conditions. In the article we present the goals and possibilities of metal deforestation processing.
  • Risk assessment
    • Assessment of occupational risk at the anodising plant (18)
      The anodizing process is a surface treatment of metals in which an oxide layer is electrolytically produced. This layer is produced by a 96% sulfuric acid bath process. This acid is used in the process of surface treatment, purification, etching, in electrolytic processes.
  • Work safety
    • Employees of the Temporary Employment Agency and OHS. Is it worth it? (24)
      Many companies use temporary employment agencies. Flexibility in recruiting employees, among others, influences the decision to cooperate with APT. However, it should be remembered that the contract contains key provisions regarding occupational health and safety.
    • Welding filters (28)
      In the article, we compare the requirements for the welding coefficients of the welding filters determined in accordance with the requirements of the European standard EN 169: 2002 (PN-EN 169: 2005) and the requirements of the new draft international standard pr ISO / FDIS 16231-2.
    • Composite coatings. Improving safety during servicing of heat distribution infrastructure (34)
      In order to ensure the quality of the infrastructure for the transport of utilities supplying heat inside plants and from heating plants to remote recipients, it is necessary to use modern material, manufacturing and operating technologies.
    • Special supplement - Personal Protective Equipment (42)
      This article applies to safety footwear. The proper selection of these personal protective equipment is important for the safety resulting from the specificity of a particular position. Requirements for safety footwear are specified in the PN-EN ISO 20346 and PN-EN ISO 20346: 2014-08 standards.
    • Work gloves. Underrated 'second skin' in the hand (46)
      Proper selection of gloves and enforcement of their use is building a safety culture that results in fewer accidents. Who is responsible for their use? Who should care most about safety in this area and what can be the consequences of not using gloves?
  • Comparative review
    • Overview of protective gloves (50)
  • Good practices
    • Safety culture at DHL Parcel (60)
      Paweł Pawlik - Health & Safety Manager at DHL Parcel Polska - in an interview with Małgorzata Wołoch-Lach talks about how to effectively manage OHS in a large organization, and how engaging communication and innovative solutions can improve safety and working conditions.
  • Promotional article
    • International Trade Fair for Work, Fire and Rescue Protection SAWO already in April in Poznań (66)
      The SAWO Fair is a unique event in our country, which serves to protect human life and health in the work environment and directly contributes to the introduction in enterprises of the latest solutions improving the quality of work and the safety of employees. Why is it still worth being here?
  • Aspects of the work of an expert witness
    • Unprotected bridge causing the welder's accident (68)
      The best way to safely conduct a construction process is to manage work safety. In the article, the author describes the welder's accident, which was caused by the tolerance of deviations from OHS rules and principles by those charged with governance
  • Law
    • New health and safety regulations for the operation of power equipment (74)
      From 2018, work began on a draft of a new regulation specifying the requirements of occupational health and safety in the operation of energy equipment. The new regulations will enter into force on March 26, 2020.
    • Amendment of the Chemicals Regulation (77)
      From 24 January 2020, the Regulation of the Minister of Health, amending the Regulation on chemical substances, their mixtures, factors or technological processes with carcinogenic or mutagenic effect in the work environment, applies.
  • Flashlight (78)

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